Setting a button to toggle between two scenes?

Wanting to press a button to turn on a light at 40% with one press, then turn off that light if pressed again. Is there a custom smart app to help me configure things like this?


Seems like there is a learning curve with webcore, Any simplistic pre made apps that would do this? Seems like toggling between scenes would be a common request.

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You can use the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, look in the smart app section, and look on the “buttons and remotes” list. There are a couple there.

I think the following is probably the most popular, and has a lot of options, but there are some simpler ones as well, so you just have to look at each one to see which one might match the features you want best.

All of that said, I agree most people are probably using webcore for this nowadays, but there are some standalone smartapps if you want to look at them. :sunglasses:

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