Set ZWave Parameter

(Mike) #1

I have an Everspring ST814 thermometer that I have been struggling with since January. It works fine but doesn’t report anything to ST. It looks like I may need to set a configuration parameter via ZWave but I have no idea how one would accomplish this. I found a thread on micasaverde where people have done this successfully:,8510.15.html?PHPSESSID=ffc940c3b20d8c251dad30f8cf4b1c98

What I believe I need to do is set parameter 6 to the time interval at which I’d like the thermometer to report the data. The manual is here:

On page 6 the table on the right side shows the parameters. Line 6 of that table is the one I’m trying to set. Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

(Mike) #2

Disregard - got it working with help from another forum member.

(Todd Wackford) #3

Please share the answer for others :grin:

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See this thread here:

It appears to work, but I still need to clean the device type up. I used some of the logic from the Aeon Labs Multi, EverSpring Flood Sensor and then the ST814 manual to figure out the configuration values.

(Derek Brooks) #6

For anyone trying to access that dead link, try here: Anyone using a temperature sensor other than multi ones?