Set ZWave Parameter

I have an Everspring ST814 thermometer that I have been struggling with since January. It works fine but doesn’t report anything to ST. It looks like I may need to set a configuration parameter via ZWave but I have no idea how one would accomplish this. I found a thread on micasaverde where people have done this successfully:,8510.15.html?PHPSESSID=ffc940c3b20d8c251dad30f8cf4b1c98

What I believe I need to do is set parameter 6 to the time interval at which I’d like the thermometer to report the data. The manual is here:

On page 6 the table on the right side shows the parameters. Line 6 of that table is the one I’m trying to set. Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

Disregard - got it working with help from another forum member.

Please share the answer for others :grin:


See this thread here:

It appears to work, but I still need to clean the device type up. I used some of the logic from the Aeon Labs Multi, EverSpring Flood Sensor and then the ST814 manual to figure out the configuration values.

For anyone trying to access that dead link, try here: Anyone using a temperature sensor other than multi ones?