Set outdoor lights to permanent 50% dim

I just installed three Cree bulbs outdoors on my two doors. My wife thinks they are too bright. How can I set them to a permanent 50% dim setting?

Are the smart bulbs or are they controlled by a Z-Wave dimmer?

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You should just be able to set the dim level using the slider in the device page. It should remember(all my bulbs and switches do) and that’s it.


Smart bulbs.

Could use Smart Lighting to set the bulb to 50% every time it turns on. I do this with a bulb I have in my bathroom.

While I don’t have Crees, my Hues remember their settings; unless of course their connected to a switch that removes power to them. Then they’ll come on at full everything.

What I have done is wire the line directly to the lights, and then just use the switch with an app like Big Switch to control the lights when the switch is actuated.

If you’re using a dumb switch to remove/apply power to the lights they will always come on at full, and I doubt you’ll want to wait for SmartThings to discover they’ve been turned on before setting their level.