Set NEST Humidity level

Hello community,

I am looking for a way to set the target humidity level of my NEST thermostat (which control my whole-house humidifier) based on the outdoor temperature.
This can be easily achieved through webcore but I don’t succeed to find any command enabling me to set the humidity target level of my NEST.
I am using “My Next Tstat” to integrate my NEST and didn’t find anything :frowning:

Did some of you already succeed to achieve that through any device handler or smartapp?
If not any idea how i can set the target humidity on a NEST?

Thanks for your support

Hi, the Nest APIs don’t provide this feature. The humidity attribute is read-only, so there is no way to set a target humidity level.

This feature has been submitted as a change request back in 2017 and Nest has not made any changes to its APIs for more than a year.

P.S. Everything that is available in the Nest APIs has been exposed to SmartThings through My Next Tstat. There is nothing more to expose for the moment…

Thanks a lot for the answer Yves
As usual, fast and to the point.

I just have to find a standalone humidifier controller to integrate with ST :))


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there is a smart app called “smart humidifier” in the market place that might be useful