Set initial power state for Zemismart switch Zigbee module

Hi everyone.

I’ve just installed the Zemismart Zigbee 3.0 Light Switch DIY Breaker Module in my existent wall switches.

But i’ve had an undesirable issue. When the main power is turned OFF and back ON, all the Zigbee switches turn the lights on. Like their initial power state are set to ON when power comes back.

How can I change it to OFF?

It’s really annoying, like if a power outage happens at night, when it comes back it will wake me up with all the lights controlled with the modules turned on.

It’s up to the manufacturer whether they set the device to come back on at its last state, always be off after a power outage, or always be on. So you need to talk to them to see if it’s possible to change it.

It is quite common for these devices to be set to turn back on after a power outage because that’s the only way for the switch to work like a regular switch if your home automation system is not working. So it’s considered a safety feature when it’s set up that way.

However, some manufacturers do give you the option to do it differently, so you just need to check with them.

If it’s not possible to change the behavior, Some community members use a zigbee bulb as a “canary” light. They put it in a location where it’s normally turned off all the time. That way if that bulb comes on, they know there was a power outage, and they have a smartapp which turns off all their other Selected zigbee devices. It means the light would switch on for a moment after a power outage but then go off again.

I was thinking somehow to edit the device handler. The canary bulb is a valid workaround.

I’ll try a way out with webcore as well.

That may be possible, but only if the manufacturer has made it a changeable parameter. That’s why you need to check with them.

I’ve tried a piston on WebCORE and it worked. But the light turns on for a few seconds before turn off. So it’s not a perfect solution yet.

I also sent a message to the manufacturer asking if there’s way to turn it off as default.

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I’ve made a test using one switch (not used) as a canary switch. It’s not a perfect solution but worked fine. After a power cutoff the lights stay On for less than 2 seconds before turn off again.

Thanks for the tip.

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