Server/Network error when attempting to create an automation

I was able to set up multiple automations last week but, sometime during the night, it stopped working. I’m just getting “Network or Server error occurred.”

I put in a ticket with Smartthings last week but haven’t heard back, yet.

Is there anything I can do on my side to get past this?

Since there was no word from support I spent the weekend resetting everything and up until just a moment ago it was working fine. Then the same thing happens all over again with Network or Server error when trying to save an automation.

This is pretty frustrating. I got all of my other automations in. There is just something that seems to trip it up that stops it from going further.

Did you open a support ticket by email or by calling in? The best way to get support is by calling and speaking to a support person.

I just filled out the online form.

I’ll try calling tomorrow and seeing what they say. Generally, SmartThing is pretty great. It is frustrating to hit a brick wall with “network or server error”.

Any fix from support? Just did same.

The result was:

There is a limited number of objects that can be included in automations.

They’re working on raising/getting rid of that limit but, as of right now, you can only have n number of objects in across all automations.

Thanks For confirming Brad. Do you know what N is? And if you use a Scene to reduce the Automation object count does that count towards N? I have been moving more this into Scenes , however having the same problems with Scenes now not allowing editing. I might need to split into multiple Scenes! That said, I am close to pulling the pin and switching to something else after 6 months of ongoing challenges and limitations. Any ETA on expanding on limit fix?

Check out this thread and the posts that it references for additional info.

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Hi. I updated what I wrote as I misspoke. It’s not n in an automation but n across ALL automations. I don’t know what n is, though.

All they told me was: They’re aware of the limitation and are working on it.

I told the lady who was helping me, politely, that it didn’t make a whole lot of sense to have that limitation or, at least, have it set so low as I’m a single guy in a 1BR apartment. If the goal is automation then I’m not going to automate a few things in a few rooms but I’m going to automate everything as that’s kind of the point.

She got what I was saying.

I changed some things around in my apartment and got things working to how I like them but I had to forego a few buttons I had purchased to make it work. I’m right on the edge.

Thanks @BSBishop and @oldcomputerwiz

I don’t think I am anywhere close to those limits but since breaking my automations into reusable Scenes (much like functions in programming) the editing error problem has gone away. I have had to also limit the size of scenes as well as I was getting similar error messages with slightly different wording. But the common scenario is large routines. ie >4

From the other thread, the live logging doesn’t appear to capture these exceptions which is annoying. There seems to be some talk of future ST releases expanding local vs cloud. I might hang in a little while longer but have been reading the most about Homey (available in Australia) which has some compelling features.

Here’s what worked for me:
I couldn’t modify an existing automation (I’m well below the actions limit of 250) - kept hitting “Network Error. Please retry”.
I deleted the automation and recreated it - that fixed the issue.