Adjust Polling Frequency?

I recently got the SmartThings and love it. Quick question (or suggestion) is the ability to adjust certain polling features. For example, the multi-sense open-close sensors do temperature and vibration sensing but the SmartThings activity feed is literally flooded with temperature from these devices being updated every 2 minutes. It makes it extremely hard to read the activity feed for relevant information and I’m also worried about battery life on these sensors with there constant polling. It would be nice if we can adjust this if there isn’t already. Also, it would be nice to have the temperature display on the Dashboard, possibly inside the icon that shows green or orange to save from going through the extremely cluttered activity feed.

I know they are also redesigning the Android app to be more like the IOS app but I hope the keep the battery reading. I have IOS and Android and to be able to see the battery level of the sensors in the android app is fantastic bit of information to know when I need to start ordering new AAAA batteries from Amazon.

You cannot (currently) change the polling frequency. This is something that’d require a firmware upgrade to the device, I believe - but something I know that has been mentioned.

The good news is - they’re built to do this. The zigbee chips are super efficient and you should easily get a year of use from them under heavy use. I got my kit when first released and have yet to have to replace any batteries - outside presence fobs.

Ditto what ImBrian said. I have yet to replace batteries in a Multi-sensor. I have five that I’ve been using since June-ish.