Sensors always reading 73 degrees

I am using the Multi-sensor and motion sensor that come in the SmartThings starter kit for the first time. When I go to my devices and look at the status, they both always say 73 degrees. I took the unit outside where it is 45 degrees and even after 5-10 minute they still say 73 degrees. Any idea what the issue is? Thanks!

do a repair on it. (cant right now the system is dead)

open the app on your phone
get it into pairing mode
remove the battery from the sensor
hold down the button while you put the battery back in
release the button after a second
it will not show it did anything in the app
check your temp

I am having the same issue with an Iris Door sensor, it always reads 68% regardless. It’s configured as a SmartSense Open/Closed sensor

I will try the repair. Anything more knowing it’s a ZigBee device?


nope just repair and see what happens