Smartthings SenSor Stuck at 16 degrees

My brand new Smartthings Motion SenSor shows 16 degrees all the time.
I already reset it and it changes for a few seconds and then back to 16.

Anyone had the same issue? Assume it is faulty.

Have you checked the device history on the site? Is it updating that temperature or just reporting one time?
have you checked the reading with another device (IR thermometer?)

just confirmed it was not updating it since I reset it for the last time.
Just realized that even motion sensor was not triggering for the last hours.

Looks that it is faulty.
How often should the temperature be reported back?

It reports when there is a change.

Easiest test is to just pop the battery out and back in, see if that wakes it up.

Battery could be low.

It’s quite possible to have a dead battery on a new device. (I had one arrive with a dead battery.) The Amazon seller refunded me the price of a battery from my package price ($5). I promptly ordered 5 replacement batteries. Try swapping the battery with that from another unit that does work.