Sensor to detect state of 5 lever deadlock?

I have a sensor to detect if the front door is opened/active - which works well.

But am curious if there’s a way to report that an existing Yale 5 level deadlock is locked (i.e. someone hasn’t forgotten to lock up on leaving!)

Not interested in fitting a smart lock because a) it attracts attention and b) reports of location detection problems causing ST to unlock when no-one’s home…

I’m no ST expert, but there doesn’t seem an obvious way to do this.

One way to do this could be a pressure switch (microswitch?) inside the doorjamb; which detects on/off if the deadbolt is extended. However, there are lots of Zigbee light switches, dimmers etc. but nothing like “just a pressure switch”.

Perhaps get a cheap battery-powered switch (if there is one) to take apart and re-use?

Or perhaps a magnet on the deadbolt with a multi sensor nearby - that seems more fiddly though.

Any pointers? Or, seeing ST already reports if the door is active / opened, this isn’t worth the hacking effort :wink: ?

Don’t use presence to unlock the door.

You could use a contact sensor with external contact points. The ecolink has them. You can then hook up a small switch to trigger it open/close. You could probably rig something with the deadbolt or on the lock mechanism.

This post talks about using a pressure mat.

Instead of the mat use a switch like:

Basically if you hook up wire to the external ports on the contact sensor, they will need to touch to complete the circuit and report closed (or for you locked)

Or if you are willing to drill a hole into the deadbolt area you could use something like this: But will need to worry about clearence of the magnet on the deadbolt

Now you have got me thinking. I feel a little bit of experimentation coming on…

what about a strips sensor from sensative? One part on the door and the other either stuck to the deadbolt (you may need to file about 1mm off the top of the deadbolt, or usually there is a sliding mechanism that controls the other four points/hooks, could the small magnet be attached to the sliding portion of the lever lock?

I have a few of those Aeon recessed door sensors. They are very sensitive, so even if you use a small magnet, I don’t think there would be enough travel in a deadbolt to detect an unlocked state. They can detect a magnet for many inches along their axis, and only really trip to “open” when the magnet is moved off axis. In any event, you’d need to do some serious trial and error.

I wish there was a mechanical recessed sensor for applications like this, but all of the ones I’ve been able to find are for “real” security systems. They aren’t compatible with Smartthings.

There are plunger style recessed sensors. Where you push in a ball to trigger closed. Worried about the back pressure to the deadbolt could cause it not to lock right.

Another option is if you have the two wires in the bolt well, and if the deadbolt touches it the circuit will be completed.

Thats what I am going to try this weekend.
I am also going to try a reed switch and a magnet.
Fingers crossed.

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Thanks - I shall see how your experiment works out :slight_smile:

I’d be interested in the same, but for a euro lock. The problem seems to be twofold - firstly, there’s lots more metal to work around.
Secondly, the bolt goes into the hole, but that’s not locked. Locked is the tiny tab on the cylinder that stops it coming back out. Very difficult to sense!

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