Sensor Positioning

I’m having issues with sensor placement/functionality. I have both the Smartthings motion sensors and Aeon Labs. With the Aeon labs even when its set to high, while walking down a hallway I can make it right under the sensor before it turns on (thats with max sensitivity).

While the Smartthings will turn off, thinking I’m not in the room and with several frantic hand waves refuses to come back on. (Sensor motion shows detected in the app, but the light didn’t turn on.

With both sensors I am finding myself increasing the turn off time as it can’t detect me being in a room very well. I think this wouldn’t be a problem if I had multiple sensors per room. Maybe one beside the couch or dining room table, But that is an expensive fix.

  1. How do you have your sensors placed in the house? (Ceiling, Wall, Right beside where you’re sitting?)

  2. If you use on/off with motion presence do you have any problems?

I appreciate you reading my post and possibly commenting, Thanks!


I’ve got a couple of AEON motion sensors that I use for lights… sorta.

On I have in my upstairs hallway that turns on the hallway lights at a low dim if it detects motion in the middle of the night. Sorta of a nightlight if someone gets up to use the bathroom. Anyway, I have this one mounted at about a 45 degree angle on the ceiling pointed down the hallway. This seems to work well, though there is sometimes a lag from when motion is detected before the lights turn on of a couple of seconds.

The other is “connected” to my Christmas tree in my den. When there’s motion this turns on the tree. This one is mounted on a shelf about 4 feet off the floor. It’s tipped towards the room at nearly 90 degrees (ie, essentially flat on the wall). This works very well. Because it’s mounted “behind” my chair occasionally it’ll stop seeing motion, but a few hand waves turns it back on easily enough.