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Sensibo and SmartThings Hub and multi sensors to shut off a/c when not in use?

(Clary Roberts) #1

I own a condo in Mexico and live in USA. I rent it out on AirBnB and people leave the windows and doors open and run the a/c when it’s humid… I bought a sensibo just now on amazon, a smart things hub and multi sensors. I think I got it how to add an automation so that “if the door is open more than five minutes” the air conditioner shuts off. This will save me money every month. My #1 problem is how do I get SmartThings Hub to communicate with my device? I’m not the sharpest tool in the drawer btw…thoughts or suggestions? it’s 4.3 and I’m flying down to Puerto Vallarta 4.5 to install these devices.


It looks like your best bet is to use IFTTT to communicate between SmartThings and Sensibo. IFTTT can monitor when an open/close sensor is open and then send a command to the Sensibo to shut off your A/C.

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(Clary Roberts) #3

I’m going down that rabbit hole…never used it…created an account and did some searching…if I find something that will work…do I just connect or link that account to my Samsung account so they can “talk?” to each other?


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Yes, there is an IFTTT Smartapp for SmartThings which tells IFTTT what sensors it will have access to. You will link both SmartThings and Sensibo to IFTTT. Once linked you can create applets that goes something like this IF SmartThings sensor is open, THEN turn off Sensibo A/C

They are very simple rules without extra conditions so you can’t make it wait the 5 minutes before shutting off the A/C.

Here is how to connect Smartthings to IFTTT

(Steve Jackson, USA, Shard 1) #5

To still use the “5 minute” rule you could use Smartthings to monitor all of the open/close sensors and, if an open/close sensor has been open for 5 minutes, then trigger a virtual switch. Use the virtual switch instead of the open/close sensors in IFTTT to tell the AC if it should be on or off.

(House Smarty) #6

There is a Sensibo Integration that works well. Your sensibo will show up as just another thermostat in SmartThings and you can have it turn on off, change temps etc based on any SmartThings sensor(s). Check it and detailed installation instructions out here: Sensibo integration

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(Clary Roberts) #7

When I go to Sensibo integration…I start reading a post/thread that goes back almost four years or so…Jimxenus said there’s a IFTTT Smartapp…where is that? I looked in Apple store didn’t find it.

Jimxenus is thinking of exactly what I want to do…

I was able to add the services of IFTTT to my SmartThings app…

I’m new to IFTTT…any help is sincerely appreciated.


(Clary Roberts) #8

Where can I find that IFTTT Smartapp for SmartThings?

(House Smarty) #9

The instructions in the first post are still relevant and the Github repositories the post points to have been maintained and updated (last updated in January).

(Clary Roberts) #10

I can’t make sense out of what you’re trying to explain.

There is or isn’t an app?

I didn’t understand the first post…that was my point.


To be honest, I don’t remember how I got the IFTTT app on my SmartThings but a few post up, I put in a link from SmartThings IFTTT support info on how to set it up. I think though it might be updated to use the new SmartThings app and not the Classic app. You may be able to install using the new app and it should show up under classic as well. I’ll look into this further.

(Clary Roberts) #12

OK I’ve got the Samsung SmartThings app and the IFTTT apps on my phone.

Went to IFTTT and am really confused about creating a service… can I have someone create it for my “set up?”… I’ll be using sensibo to get my a/c talking to wifi…don’t know if ifttt or Samsung SmartThings will “recognize” the sensibo device and allow them to talk to each other…this is not my area of expertise for sure.


What kind of A/C do you have? For wall or window units, I simply use a smart outlet and just have SmartThings turn it off.

(Clary Roberts) #14

LG VM242C6 220V doesn’t plug in.


If you’re unable to integrate Sensibo through IFTTT, you could just have the SmartThings sensor notify you when the window is open and then you can manually shut off the A/C using the Sensibo app. Not sure how practical this would be if tenants open an close windows a lot but it’s an option.

(Clary Roberts) #16

I’ve finally got it.

My a/c shuts off if door or window is open.

But…oldcomputerwiz recommended a virtual switch vs the sensors, so I can add a delay…like 15 minutes so it doesn’t cycle off and on each time a door or window is opened or closed.

Can someone please help me figure out how to create? a virtual switch???


(Clary Roberts) #17

I finally got that working.

The next level is to somehow…I’m an amateur…create a virtual switch (maybe using IFTTT?)…so I can prevent the a/c from turning off and on so much, but create a 15 minute delay.

so if a door is open the a/c keeps running and only shuts off if the door or window is open for more than 15 minutes.

Can that be done? Using IFTTT?

(Clary Roberts) #18

Mr. Jackson,

That would be great! I’ve never heard of a virtual switch…I have no idea of where to start with that project.

I do have the IFTTT turning off and on but there’s no delay and that will be annoying to my guests and hard on the a/c units too, shutting off and on continuously.

Can you refer me to a resource so change from IFTTT to a virtual switch?

(Steve Jackson, USA, Shard 1) #19

Are you using the new app or classic?

(Clary Roberts) #20

The new one.


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