Cancel Automation when condition isnt true anymore - help

Hello, perhaps this is one of the known limitations I have been reading about. I have a few multipurpose Door sensors and also Samsung Room airconditioners.
The plan for my automation was the following…

If the a door is open and the airconditioner is turned on, then turn the aircon off, delay action for 3 mins. The delay was to allow people to close the doors or if perhaps the doors were closed and they were open temporarily then they could close it.

I tested this and the aircon switches off. I then tested another scenario. If I open the door for 1 min and then close it, I wait an extra two mins with the door closed and the aircon still turns off. It seems the change of state does not affect the result. I have tried everything I can with automation but it does not seem this is possible. An pointers on workarounds would be a great healp, even thirdparty tools.

I am using v3 of all the Smarthub devices and the latest App (not classic)

I know webCoRE can cancel actions if the conditions change, but I’m not sure if it will work with your air conditioners.

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There appears to be a bug (or it’s intentional, IDK) but that is the same behavior I experienced too. You can do this using smart lighting as long as you have a way for ST to control your AC. See the post below.