Sensative Strip Guard Driver

I recently bought a Sensative Strip Guard 800 to monitor my basement refrigerator door that my kids can’t keep closed. I added it to the hub using the regular zwave inclusion. Now there are a bunch of parameters that are not reporting. (See screenshot).

Is there a way to swap this over to the sensative driver so these other parameters record status?? Only the open/close is reporting.

You have to install Sensative SmartThings Edge driver to your Hub.

Link to SmartThing Edge drivers can be found from Sensative WWW-page

Strips gateway compatibility list - Sensative


Thank you, I never would have found that.


You can find most of the community – created and manufacturer-provided edge drivers by using the quick browse lists. They are divided by device class, so there is one list for sensors, one list for lighting, etc. it makes the search go much faster. :sunglasses:

FAQ: Using the quick browse lists without the community wiki