Sengled & Smartthings IFTTT

(Eric) #1

Hello, I’m new the home automation. I got the ST hub and 4 Sengled element bulbs. (2 white 2 color)

Why when I connect to IFTT or Stringify it has the bulbs under switches? This is causing me issue when trying to use certain IFTTT applets that are looking for bulbs.

I hope i made a good choice on these bulbs or may have to return them

(Jimmy) #2

not sure why those applets would restrict to bulbs only. May I ask what you’re trying to use IFTTT to accomplish?

(Eric) #3

I was browsing the Sengled IFTT and they had one that would flash or turn on the bulb to a specific color when ESPN shows your team starting.

Are these good bulbs compared to the HUE and LIFX?

(Jimmy) #4

The SmartThings IFTTT service doesn’t offer a flash or color function, no matter what type of bulb you have connected. It should still work with turning on, though.

What a lot of people do is create a virtual switch in SmartThings that is turned on by IFTTT. This switch then activates a scene in SmartThings that controls many devices on/off, brightness, color, etc… I do this for Broncos games starting.

(Eric) #5

applet eLBtCEz9 shows you can set it to a color, but my problem is its looking for bulbs not switches. I’m trying to understand how you set it up. is it via ESPN as well?

(Jimmy) #6

That applet is using the Sengled channel, which connects to the Sengled hub. Do you have your Sengled bulbs connected to a Sengled hub or SmartThings?

(Eric) #7

I use the smarthings Hub

(Jimmy) #8

yeah, then that applet won’t work. I’d go the virtual switch route, You can create them in the classic app with the smart app in the marketplace.

(Eric) #9

thanks! I got the virtual device creator n my smart apps. Trying to see how to use this, but im not getting something lol. How do you go about creating the sports scene like you have?