Sengled Smart Window & Door Sensor New Device Handler?

Has anyone had an issue where the window and door sensors are falling offline if not used regularly (ie. door/window not opened regularly)? Also, and more annoyingly, I’m having an issue where every night, like clockwork, I get a notification that the battery is low. I just changed the battery, but it’s not updating the charge status (on a brand new battery, it’s showing 11%).

Any suggestions?

How long did you wait for the battery to update? I suspect Sengled has them programmed to only update the battery status every N hours to… umm… save battery. The zooz motion sensors have that as a configurable option, and it defaults to 12 hours. I’d suspect you can see if the battery metric is sent in the graph API devices page (under the device activity).

Is there a chance that you got a bad batch of batteries? Do you have a volt meter to compare between the dead battery and the fresh battery?

Got any contact cleaner? Perhaps the battery contacts need some cleaning.

About 10 minutes later, it “updated” to 22%. I’ll have to find my multimeter to check the battery(ies). I don’t have it handy at the moment.