Sengled Smart LED bulbs

Does anyone use the Sengled Smart LED Multicolor (Element Color Plus) Bulbs. I’m looking to put color bulbs in my sons room & I’m not sure if these bulbs still have the firmware problem. I know Phillip’s hue are excellent smart bulbs but im.not sure if I want 2 hubs. Everyone’s input is much appreciated. Thanks.

I like my hue lights and I really like being able to control them with the hue app when the ST cloud is experiencing issues. Plus you can Connect hue lights directly to other systems, such as homekit, Alexa, Google Assistant and others without the need of using ST as a go-between.

Plus on a technical note, you would not have two hubs. You would have the ST hub and hue bridge :slight_smile:

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Do I still have to setup the Phillips hub? I know I can control everything through smartthings.

Best recommendation is to use the hue bulbs through the hue bridge and not connect hue bulbs directly to the ST hub.

I’m trying to find more info about hue bridge. What ty pi e of setup would that be?

Hue bridge would connect automatically through LAN Connect on the ST hub as long as they are on the same network. You would also get local device control for all hue lights.

It’s simple. Set up the bridge and bulbs following the Hue instructions. Then the bridge is discovered automatically by SmartThings, and any bulbs that you have attached to that bridge also get added at that time. The bulbs show up as individual devices in your things list just like any other bulbs. It’s Just that technically everything works better when they go through the bridge. :sunglasses:

I am using the Sengled LED Color Bulb and it works great. I control it with the Classic app. I can turn on off and change colors plus add it to automations. A whole lot cheaper than Hue.

Ok guys I have been reading up on Phillip’s hue & best buy has a starter kit with 3 bulbs. Bridge & switch for 119.00. I’m trying g to see if that’s an older model. And are there first & second generation bulbs because there are a lot of different types available on amazon. The singled is cheaper but I rather not mix up everything.

Yes, there have been multiple generations of Phillips Hue bulbs. Over time, the bulbs have gotten brighter, slightly less energy draw, and the greens have gotten better. Just typical evolutionary improvements. Other than that the bulb generations are very similar.

The bridge generations, though, are significantly different, and I would definitely recommend getting the newer square one rather than the original round one.

So that starter pack is probably the old one.ok thanks @JDRoberts

They are all square. If anything I’ll ask when I go to the store. Funny thing is I cant find this on amazon.

I have been using the Sengled 2700k Dimmable bulbs for some time. I haven’t had any issues with them. I like the fact they can pair directly to the Smartthings hub. Now those are not the color bulbs, but you can’t beat the price 4 bulbs for under $30.

Curious, Do you use the sengled app to pair add your bulbs?

Nope they pair directly to the hub. Just opened smartthings app and added them as things.

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They are even officially supported, so they will show up in either app. :sunglasses:

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