Sengled Element Color Smart Lights - Thunderstorm, Pulse, Sync with music, etc

Hello all. I have found a great deal at Best Buy for 4 Sengled Element Color smart lights for $65. My question…is there a way to use these similar to thunderstorm with Hue, or sync with music, etc? I’d love to know how much fun I can have with these lights. Thanks

I know of no way to do this natively. My only suggestion is to check out WebCore and see if it can be done using that. They have a forum as well.

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I will try that. In the meantime, I used my Hues hub and lights with an app called Magic Hue to make my Hue lights dance with the music. Then I used the color app on smartthings to synch the lights to the Hues lights. Not perfected but the lights are “dancing”. Merry Christmas y’all!