sendHubCommand to https endpoint?

Has anyone successfully fired a sendHubCommand to an ssl endpoint?

Backstory for the curious: Smartthings is one part of my larger home automation system ( My main interface is a web interface I’d built that uses AppCache for offline “last known state” viewing and SpeechRecognition ( to allow me to dictate commands by voice. With recent changes to Webkit, AppCache no longer works with self-signed certificates (but does work without any SSL) - and SpeechRecognition does not work unless it has some kind of SSL endpoint (self-signed is OK). I’m trying to see what possibilities I have of upgrading everything to SSL - but my Smartthings app is unable to hit my home automation system once any SSL is enabled.

This is the smart app I’ve been using for a few years now that works great aside from lacking SSL support:

If anyone is following this, my (imperfect) solution is to run both an http AND https server from the same machine. The code executed remains the same, but it was the only way I could see appeasing both the simple requirements of some devices (such as SmartThings hub) and modern browsers push for ssl everywhere in order take advantage of modern technologies.