sendHubCommand to local SSL endpoint with self signed cert?

TL;DR: Anyone have any thoughts on how to get sendHubCommand to talk to an SSL endpoint?

I use SmartThings integrated into a larger home automation system I’ve built. It runs on a node.js web server living on my Raspberry Pi. There are a number of reasons that I’d like to have all the traffic be based on https - but because it’s on an internal network, I’m relegated to using self-signed certs.

To keep my main system in sync with SmartThings in real-time, I have an app that makes a local sendHubCommand REST request to my server for any devices changes so it can be updated on my custom interface immediately. Works great and all is well.

However, trying to migrate things to SSL and I’m starting to wonder if sendHubCommand is robust enough to deal with craziness of sending https commands - especially those that don’t come from a certificate authority.

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