Moving homes

I just started my smart home with a SmartThings v3 hub, 2 smart lights, 2 smart plugs, and 2 door sensors. I’m planning on doing quite a bit (smart light switches, smart plugs, and more), but it’s enough that I will want to leave it all with the house whenever we sell the place (years down the road). Before it gets too complicated, how should I prepare for that? I don’t want to have to unpair and then repair 50 devices to a new account, in order to sell the house.

FYI, I also am using Samsung phones, which seem not to like me using two different Samsung accounts.

There are several existing threads which discuss this issue, so those should be of interest to you. They go into quite a bit of detail.

There are some differences depending on which country you are in, so be aware of that as well. Most of the existing threads are about homes in the US.

Go to the community – created wiki, then to the quick browse lists. Look down near the bottom of that page for the “project reports“ section. There is a list there on “selling a smart home“ that has the existing threads you want. :sunglasses:

Thanks! I tried keywords “move”, “moved”, and “moving”, and wasn’t finding anything. I’ll try your search. :blush:

Yeah, that’s why the quick browse lists exist. The forum search sucks. :disappointed_relieved:

I did this two years ago and just moved everything with me. As you have theorized it was a giant pita. But cheaper than leaving all my switches and buying new ones. Mainly because I had replaced all light switches with smart switches. I wasn’t leaving those. My last house had a wired security system, so I just tied EcoLink sensors to the existing zones in the security system so I didn’t have to pull sensors from all doors and windows. Only 5 senors at the box.

If you are careful and label everything you shouldn’t have to unpair and repair anything. If you can move and get them back up and running fairly quickly. I was not careful, and it was probaly 6 to 8 months or so before I got around to adding things back. I Just pulled everything and then sorted them out later at the new house. A device reset and repair is not really that much work… Installing and uninstalling is the hard part. IMO.

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