Seems simple, but how do I add a device that is far from the hub?

I am not talking about being so far away that it won’t work in general, but at least with my old veralite system you had to be relatively close to initially add the device. I just am not sure how to do that with ST. Can I just unplug it bring it closer to the device I’m trying to add, and plug it back in? Veralite had a way to add devices from the unit directly without using any app or webpage. The seems like one I would be able to find an answer on easily, but I have just not been able to find an answer I’ve been poking around for a while now. Help!

  1. Get a very long Ethernet cable, bring your hub to the device, plug power cord into nearby outlet.

  2. I think you can use a minimote as a secondary controller to pair and unpair devices. Do a search in the forum for more on that as I’ve never tried it.

  3. Use z-wave plus devices. One of the benefits of the newer devices is improved ability to “pair in place.”


Is it okay to unplug without batteries? Or should I have some backup batteries in?

Well, it’s ok but the hub won’t work without electricity. So pairing becomes much more difficult.

I still haven’t gotten around to converting my setup from my v1 hub (no backup battery) to a v2 hub (with backup batteries) I bought at least a year ago. But here’s what others have reported re: the batteries in the v2 hub. My suggestion is not to put batteries in it at all!

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