Seems like a door open alarm & follow-up SHOULD be easy

I feel like I’m trying to do something basic from a monitoring perspective. All I want to have happen is the following:

  • If garage door is open more than X minutes, alert/notify me.
  • When garage door closes after triggering the above alarm, alert/notify me.

I do not want this to screw up the current mode and I want to be able to have this type of alert for multiple ‘doors’ (e.g., refridgerator door, garage door, etc.).

At first I thought using the “Door open alert” app would work along with a virtual switch toggle and Rule Machine. However, the Door Open Alert app won’t toggle a switch, so that doesn’t work. And, it seems overly complex to do something that seems really straightforward and desired.

So…is there an easy way to do this that I’m missing, or would it require coding to get done?

Conditions: Garage Door Open
Rule: Garage Door Open
True Actions: Delay by X Minutes [Cancel], Alert, Set Virtual Switch, etc
(This may be throwing you off. If you are on Android there is a bug when you go into ‘Delay these actions’. Go in enter your time, hit done, go back in and more options will be listed, enable ‘Cancel on truth change’.) This will cancel the actions if the door is closed prior to the delay limit.

Once this is working you should be able to figure out the rest. If not I’m sure someone here can assist you more.

Edit: The bug is with the SmartThings app not Rule Machine. Submit a ticket to ST regarding the bug. @bravenel

Hrm…so the cancel would be fired off it the state was no longer true during the delay time? I didn’t think that was how it worked, but that would make things easier.