See all Battery sensors % percentage at one time

I’m trying to see all my battery sensors’ % percentage at one time (if not in the app - kinda of small) in the device list.

I have been getting a notice but it’s not identifying the sensor like it use to on the first gen hub or app (whatever changed).

I could click into each one of them, but I have 121 active sensors, clearly that will take a while manually. :expressionless:


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exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

If you or anyone else is interested, I’m working on an app that shows the status of all devices. I haven’t officially released it yet, but the basic functionality like displaying the list of devices and their battery percentages has been completed. I plan on adding additional functionality like customized alerts, last event times, choosing how to sort the battery and temperature screens and the ability to toggle switches from the Switches screen.

Edit: The released version can now be found Here.


cool. I’ll give it a look. :slight_smile:

When you install the app and get to the Setup screen, click the Done button because if you go into Setup and then later use the back button to get out of that screen, the app might not appear in the SmartApps list so you’ll need to install it again. That’s a 1 time thing and once it’s installed, you shouldn’t have any problems, but keep in mind that I haven’t officially released…

thanks. I’ve noticed that so far with just about any install. Really a pain if you forget. :wink:

So far, not bad. Simple, but relevant detail.

Got tripped up on the “All devices” for a sec.
Since I have so many, I always want to check “all devices” as opposed to having to manually click 100+ devices to include them. - not sure if that is a programmable option or a ST app functionality issue.

Either way, I can see myself popping in for the info I need.
Sadly, ST made the “smartApps” area a little harder to reach, so I’ll need to add it to a phrase or tasker task to more conveniently pull it up.

Great work!

I installed this just now, very handy to view battery percentages of all devices

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I am currently using Battery Monitor (linked above) and also DeviceMonitor (referenced below). It would be nice to have both in one SmartApp. You might want to work with @erocm1231.

Hey Kevin

Nice work, clean and simple

I noticed that when I selected just my batteries and save back, when I view the results, it shows me all categories. If I only select batteries, shouldn’t that be the only category shown?

What other plans do you have for this app?


Nice work from Kevin. i am also having same thing. may be he is still working on the app.

Some devices, like the SmartThings Motion Sensors, don’t support the Actuator or Sensor capabilities so I had to add additional capability based inputs in order to include those devices. If you select a device from any of those inputs it will be displayed on all the screens for the capabilities it supports.

I see how being able to specifically choose devices to display on the batteries screen instead of displaying all selected devices that support the capability, but one of the reasons I created this was so that I’d only have to select the device once instead of having to select it for every screen I want it to show on.

I’m doing some final testing on the next version which shows the last event time and has an additional input that allows you to specify which capabilities to display. I’ll be posting an official release shortly.

These are the features I plan on adding in the near future:

  • Pressing an item on the Switches screen will toggle the switch.

  • Adding “Turn All Off” link to the Switches screen that turns all of the switches off.

  • Option to sort Temp and Battery screens by value or name.

  • Push/SMS Notifications for Battery, Temp, Last Event Time and maybe some other things.

@thecolor_cypher, you may want to try, fits your use case nicely.

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I just released the the official 1st version which includes last event times and the ability to limit which capabilities are shown.

checking now! :smiley:

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