Security System with easy integration?

I would like a Security System (more specifics in a bit). There are clearly 100s of topics regarding this but I am not getting closer to an answer as most post talk about integration their existing hardwired/wireless systems into SmartThings.

I have had a couple of motion and door sensors with SmartThings but I recently moved into a bigger house and don’t want $50 sensors each, and the concept of directly using SmartThings as a Security System is not that reliable or crisp.

So, I would like to buy another security system that can interface with SmartThings as I have an opportunity to start fresh here -

  • Stand alone system
  • Wireless
  • Must announce main door open, back door open, etc (entry/exit chimes)
  • Not monitored (if there is option but not required, that is fine)
  • SIM support (can live without it if that is the only thing I am not getting)
  • Be able to use door/window sensors on SmartThings
  • As unexpensive as I can get it
  • Can interface with SmartThings easily (preferably without a middleware)

I am seeing quite a few generic brands on amazon that meet all my needs expect SmartThings integration.

Any ideas?

I use a system that does all except one of your requirements…it’s iSmartAalarm. It has had it’s moments but all-in-all I have been very happy with it. Zero continuing cost. Free upload of video clip to the cloud for review when alarm is tripped. All wireless. Door chimes for all open/close sensors (optional). Remote siren for other end of the house. Integrates with SmartThings through IFTTT (this is the only point of pain I’ve felt with the system so far but recently IFTTT has been really stellar). The only thing it won’t do is allow you to use the open close sensor with ST also. Don’t know how important that is to you but I don’t know of any system that would get you 100% of the way there. So, might want to check that one out and see if it would fit your use-case. Good luck!!

Abode. While you need IFTTT to integrate, it has worked flawless for me for the past two months with the Maker channel. It meets all your other requirements.

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