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Maybe I’m blind to it, but I’m having a hard time finding compatible security keypads. I’m looking for a keypad like you would find on most security systems that would allow us to turn on modes (away - alert on all sensors, stay - no motion, alert on door sensors only, arm/disarm with code entry). We have children without cell phones thus the need for a central arming point. Any suggestions on where to find just a keypad and not an entire kit like Iris?



I think one of the goals of SmartThings has been to reduce and minimize the user involvement.  I would guess this is why a specific control panel was never really envisioned.  For instance, the use of a presence tag could automate many of those functions.  Let’s say you have Mom, Dad, Billy and Sally, each with their own unique presence tag.

If the Hub sees no presence tags, the system automatically goes into “Alert Mode”: Any sensor or motion detectors trip will send an alarm.

If the Hub sees a child or children arrive but no parent, it automatically goes into “Safe Mode”: Motion sensors are turned off, but alert on doors/windows still active.

If the Hub sees mom or dad, then the system would be in “open mode”: Sensor, alarms, alerts are turned off.

Merely bringing a presence tag into range of the Hub, or removing from range of the Hub, will automatically arm/disarm whatever you want it to.  There is of course some potential issues with this.  For example, what if Billy forgets his backpack at home?  Then the house never really goes into full Alert Mode.

If you really want manual control the alternative is to use a cheap tablet as your panel.  This is my plan.  I have a smart phone, but no one else in my family does.  My Billy and Sally each have a tablet, and Mom has one too that she uses only occasionally.  I plan to have this one centrally located in the house so it can be used as a control panel. I know of at least one other person who is mounting a tablet on a wall for the same purpose.

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Just looked it up.  Cory was the guy mounting his Nexus on the wall.  Here’s the thread:

Thanks for the post. Some of my thoughts on tablet and other questions:

  • Could the tablet/app be smart enough to give you the time allotment and notification to enter a passcode before the full alarm? For instance, if cleaning service comes over, they would be warned to enter code on tablet and deactivate system within 30 seconds or alarm sounds.

- Even better, send notification to our phones that door was opened/‘Cleaning Service’ disarm code entered. And alert when they turned it back on like they were supposed to.

I’m all for self-monitoring (police response to monitored systems is justifiably terrible since there are so many false alarms), but ease of use by non-technical users is a must.

Other issues with just using tags:

  • Turning on full system overnight - turning off in middle of the night for midnight snack…

  • Family outing together - we all have to carry our tags?

  • Kids responsible for their tags - I won’t even go there.


I don’t know if the app right now can do this, but I suspect it would be possible to for someone to code a setup like that.  Another attribute of SmartThings is keeping it open for people to add as they want.

Another option to think about would be a z-wave deadbolt or door lock.  I suspect you could set these up for one time use codes or even separate code for separate people.  The cleaning service could have a code and it would alert you when they use it.

And yes, I agree that the presence tags aren’t the perfect solution here for some of the reasons you just stated.  Honestly I think a very important Thing to be made will be a smartbutton.  (See this thread for part of that discussion:  But there are other options as well.  For example, you could have a z-wave lightswitch installed in the hallway right outside of your bedroom and have rules setup such that: If light X turns on between 11:30pm and 7:00am, disable “Alert Mode” until light turns off.

(And really you’d have this problem with anysecurity system… even if you have a control panel.  If you set the alarm at night to be activated by sensor inside your house, you would need to turn that off if you got up in the middle of the night.)

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Love the light switch idea - simple way to allow manual access for overnight arming/disarming, and since it would be a second floor switch, wouldn’t be accessible from the non bedroom ares without passing a motion sensor. Thanks!

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I know this is an old topic, but would really love a Z-Wave-enabled keypad. This could be used for garage doors (enter pin, door opens/closes), gates, and enabling/disabling an alarm. I’m actually considering buying a Monoprice Z-Wave deadbolt and exchanging the housing so only the number keys are visible and removing the motor for the bolt itself. Does anyone have any other suggestions on how to easily build a Z-Wave keypad? Thanks!


I think I’ve found a great zwave security keypad… Unfortunately I don’t have the coding chops to create a new device type.

Zipato Mini Keypad/RFid


@Yann_Oehl - Thanks for this suggestion. Perhaps it could be used for an indoor security pad, but doubt it would be suitable for outdoor use (garages, gates, etc). Ideally, I’d like a simple numeric keypad that is battery powered similar to a traditional garage door opener keypad. Any other ideas?

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I wonder how “hackable” various brands of Garage Door keypads are. Hopefully they are secure, since it seems like a potential weak link in general security if a burglar could crack open the casing and somehow hot-wire it… !!!

Meanwhile, I have a couple related device hacks in the works … Watch this space for the “big reveal” if I have any success!


Anyone have any luck on finding a security keypad? Would love to be able to add one inside my porch.


I’m releasing a SmartApp based one later today.

It uses the 4 button Aeon Minimote ($30-ish on eBay or Amazon…?)
I think it is a functional hack that could hold you over.

Stay tuned!
… Terry.

Here is the new Topic which details SmartApp + Aeotec Minimote based security keypad (PIN entry) proof of concept, beta release: