Security for my home?

I’m planning to install residential security system from a reputed security system provider Think Protection, to ensure whether my house is safe and also let me knows whoever enters the premises of my residence in my absence. After a very long research on these companies here ( ) providing home security systems finally ended here.

But unfortunately, I was wrong here. This wasn’t the end. My next dilemma was now on which home alarm security system should I go for?
There are several residential security system options, I wonder which one should I install it in my home. Any suggestions and advises are welcome

I’m a little bit confused about what you’re asking, and also why you’re asking in this forum? Also, are you in the US or Canada?

I’m familiar with thinkprotect, it’s a relatively new Canadian company founded by the former CEO of AlarmForce. It sells complete systems into both the US and Canada, although the monitoring features are a little different in the two countries. You buy its package of devices and sign up for its monitoring service. It doesn’t interact with anything else and you can’t add other devices to it.

That’s fairly typical of lower cost security services as they protect their system reliability by limiting the devices that can connect to it.

A similar company would be SimpliSafe.

As to which security service is the best, you’re not going to get the answer just from looking at a rating chart on an Internet site. There are many different factors that go into selecting a security system, and different people will have different needs and preferences.

For example, I myself am quadriparetic and use a wheelchair. Fire safety is very important to me, and I only select systems that offer professional 24/7 monitoring that can contact my fire department directly. That very much limits the systems I can choose from, as many are authorized to contact police, but not fire.

People who live in neighborhoods with high crime rates, such that pretty much every house has bars on the windows, Will probably need a different kind of security system then someone who lives in a neighborhood with a lower crime rate.

People who feel that they may be an individual target, such as someone who has an abusive ex spouse, may again need a higher level of security protection.

The size of the house will matter, and in particular the number of doors and windows.

The types of visitors may also change the technology required. For example, I have a number of health aides who do not necessarily have smartphones. I wanted them to be able to let themselves in, but only at specific times.

People with housemates may want a different kind of technology than a single-family.

And of course budget makes a great deal of difference as well.

So there are many different options, but no “one-size-fits-all” answer as to what is the best security system. It comes down to the specifics of your own situation.

And finally, the issue of what kinds of answers you will get in this particular form. This forum is for people who use the Samsung SmartThings home system, whether they use it for home automation, home security, or a mix.

Are you looking for a security system that can be integrated with SmartThings as a home automation system? Or were you considering smart things it’s self as a primary home security system? Do you already have a SmartThings system?

I know that’s a lot of questions, but they do make a difference as to the answers. :sunglasses:

After a lot of research I went with Frontpoint and so far I am 100% satisfied. I believe they bought Brinks which had a bad customer service reputation and are determined to erase that bad reputation. Their Customer Service is incredible, the equipment is modern and setup is easier than setting up Smartthings. Yes there is a 3 year contract but bear in mind, if you want cellular, part of what you are paying them goes for that, as they must pay a carrier (such as Verizon), to set up and use their cellular service. You get 24/7 monitoring. With cellular there are no wires for the burglars to cut to disable your system and if the power goes out the battery lasts for a couple of days. You only need to connect to the internet if you want streaming video. If the thieves find your controller and smash it Frontpoint will replace it for free. They will know immediately if anything happens to the controller, You can use the controller to arm/disarm the system with or without delays or you can simply hide the controller and arm/disarm it from your smart phone.