Security for my house

hello guys…

I thinking about install a DIY home security system for my home where my elderly mom and dad reside in. There’s a lot to chose from. I’m wondering if anyone can give me their experiences with any. According to you which one would be the best - Wired or wireless alarm system? So is it possible to keep an eye at home when I’m at work via a mobile app? I really need some good pieces of advice as I don’t want to mess with it if it’s not going to work very well.

That’s a Canadian link, are your parents in Canada?

Hi Ferrarity, the questions that you are asking require somewhat complicated and personal choices. No system is right for everyone.

The answer to your second question is a bit easier as there are a multitude of “Nanny Cams” out there that will give you live viewing on your mobile phone.

To answer the first question you must first decide just exactly what you wish to accomplish.

How much home security do you need?
Do you also want to include home automation with your system?
How much reliability do you need?
If you go with a wired system are you prepared to pay a contractor to come ina clean up the mess?
Can you install the wired system yourself?
If you move can you take the system with you?
Are you willing to pay a monthly fee for a truly reliable security system?
Are you willing to pay a fee for 24/7 monitoring?
Will a delays and occasional false alarms bother you?
Do you wish to include video cameras as part of your security, (indoor and outdoor, or indoor only)?

You get the drift. Once you have settled these issues, let us know what you have decided on and we will be glad to give you some do’s and don’ts.

Hope this post helps you.