Security Cameras that can trigger person detection?

I know someone has asked about Wyze before so I assume they have it - but are there any other security cameras on the market that specifically can do “person/human detection” and trigger a switch in SmartThings?

My thoughts are a security system which can flash red at night but rather than every animal, bird and dog setting it off on a standard motion sensor there is some logic in that it’d only happen if the camera/s identify a person.

It is a interesting idea, but i wouldn’t do it with a security system. The AI behind those things is still far from perfect, and sometimes has a decent delay. Alot of motion sensors are suppose to be pet friendly. Are you wanting this to be a outdoor thing since you mention every animal, bird, and dog setting it off?

I say this as someone that has Arlo Smart and I wouldn’t put money on it being accurate for my homes saftey.

What country are you in? The available devices vary somewhat by region/country.

The SmartThings cam has person detection.

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Yes for outdoor use. I live in the sticks so there are no humans walking outside my property at night unless they’re up to no good - but there are many foxes, badgers and other animals walking past setting the normal motion activated lights off.

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This could be the answer then - i’m in the UK.

I’m not too bothered about it being incredibly accurate - what i’d do is just have the lights turn on as normal via motion sensors but then if the camera then detected a person I could do other things like flash them red, play a message, set off an alarm etc. It wouldn’t be the end of the world if this didn’t happen, as it doesn’t happen currently and 99.9% of people rely on a standard light turning on with a motion sensor to deter intruders anyway.

In 30 years we’ve only had disturbances in the outbuildings 3-4 times, no doubt they’d have legged it if red lights had started flashing!

Many of the major brands offer person recognition now, but it may require paying extra for their advanced features package since the actual evaluations are often done in the cloud. (Similar to the way voice assistants do major processing in the cloud.)

Nest and Netatmo both have this, for example. In the UK, the Hive View camera also has this feature.

However, having this feature in the camera’s own app does not mean you will be able to trigger smartthings events off of it. I’m not sure about the smartthings brand camera. For most of the other cameras, you will be dependent on Ifttt for integration of advanced features, And that may introduce a lag which is not acceptable.

If you have an android phone, you might be able to capture the notification from the camera’s app using a combination of Tasker and sharp tools. But it will depend on the specific brand/model of the camera.


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Yes I think the key thing here is being able to trigger a virtual switch via either Homekit or SmartThings when a person is detected and i’ve always avoided IFTTT - i’m not a fan for HA. I don’t want to rely on mobile devices (and I don’t have Android either) to do it.

The SmartThings camera might be the easiest, unless any Homekit cameras can do it - my integration between Homekit and SmartThings is solid now and I generally create virtual switches so the two talk to each other seamlessly - that way I can use WebCore for more advanced automation and Homekit for almost everything else.

As far as HomeKit cameras, I think the following model should be able to do it, but it has to be the wired version and you have to pay extra for their advanced features plan:

Lots of rumours that there will be a circle three model coming out later this year, and it is becoming somewhat difficult to find the circle two version, maybe for that reason.

No SmartThings integration, though.

Let us know if you find out anything more about the Samsung smartthings model in this regard. :sunglasses:


Interesting - not a big fan of paying for these extra features on a monthly basis though - I’ve always preferred to process this sort of stuff locally if possible. I know for Home Assistant someone has added a system which can use basically any default camera and do face recognition along with other object recognition - they were actually using it more for room occupancy detection to see if a human (who wasn’t moving) was in the room etc.

I suppose it all depends how good Logitech’s implementation was in comparison - I also don’t really want to run Home Assistant or its variations of the new SmartThings like hub (I forget it’s name) from someone else (which also runs WebCore) I kind of happy with the setup for Homekit and SmartThings and i’ve learnt it enough to do very specific very advanced things and all work with Siri and full automation using the system I have at home (using Homebridge as well of course) - Home Assitant and HAB kinda threw me off when I tried them for a short time I didn’t really get it, Web Core makes sense to me (though i’m sure it confuses many) and I like the really advanced Homebridge plugins that let you do almost anything.

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If you set up an Android device to run all the time on your network, you can use tinycam pro to add person, car, or pet detection to just about any camera. I use it to monitor the streams of my old SwannVDVR-8 and send webhooks to webCoRE when a person is detected. It works amazingly well. Like insanely well. I love it.

I created virtual motion sensors for each camera and then let webCoRE toggle them when the webhook comes in.

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