Secondary Geofence for Ecobee Thermostat Schedule Preheat

Hi all - I am in search of a SmartApp or Integration that could utilize a secondary larger geofence to use with Ecobee’s scheduling and vacation mode routines.

My use case is to only allow my Ecobee schedule to run if my or my wife’s iphones are within 10 miles of home. If we are both outside of that geofence, we’re very likely on vacation or traveling, and we do not run the Ecobee schedule, which would start preheating the house so it’s at temperature by 6pm. Also, when we enter into the geofence, the Ecobee scheduler should resume.

I’m using @yvesracine 's excellent SmartThings Ecobee DTH and SmartApps as the plumbing between those two platforms. My preference is to avoid introducing another cloud platform to the mix, if possible.

I’m considering setting up an IFTTT recipe, or possibly trying my hand with WebCoRE, but no point in re-inventing the wheel. This seems like a fairly common use case, I’m surprised my searching for forums and google has come up empty.


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You may want to look at the webCoRE Presence app. It has a number of arrival/departure options, and if one of those doesn’t work it looks like it makes the longitude and latitude available so that you could do your own calculation in a webCoRE piston.

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