Seam: Temporary Solution for Managing Lock Guest Codes (Jan 2023)

A few things we are seeing:

Removed and Added a Schlage BE469.

Upon Adding it automatically picked up the " [Universal Z-Wave Lock With Alarms]" Device Handler (not EDGE driver).

When installing codes with Schlage BE469 and using the RBOY DTH we see the following:

Lock Codes Install and the “Name” sent from Seam is visible in SLGA.

When changing the Z-wave Device Type to “Z-wave Lock with Codes”

Lock Codes get added however in SLGA the name is “Code X” and not the name installed with Seam.

This is sub-ideal as we have no way to know what each code is.

General question, what DTH are you using for Schlage BE469 and BE599 and are you seeing names come across to SLGA with pushing codes via Seam Dashboard?

It is very helpful for us to see the name inside SLGA or to have another tool that pulls the name. We also put the code in the name i.e. S-Test User 1234 (S- means programmed by Seam). Test User is the name, 1234 is the code.

We understand the RBOY [Universal Z-Wave Lock With Alarms] DTH will go away, so would prefer to start using the longterm solution for DTH or (Edge).

If you have a custom DTH installed in the IDE, it will be selected over an Edge driver. You must delete the custom DTH (since you can no longer edit them to remove matching fingerprints) in order to pick up an Edge driver.

I first installed the [ST EDGE] Z-Wave Lock PH - Devices & Integrations / Community Created Device Types - SmartThings Community from @philh30, but when using that driver, lock code names were getting reset periodically to their defaults, similar to the stock Edge driver. With a lot of research by @philh30 and @bthrock, we’ve come to the conclusion there are bugs in the default device handlers associated with locks in the ST code library. @philh30 has a beta version of his original driver that 1) reports the code name you’ve set for the code id properly; 2) displays the code name of the code used to unlock in the device panel in the ST app; and 3) seems to prevent the periodic resetting of the lock code names to the defaults. One note, any time you change the driver, the code names will be reset because they are managed by the driver itself, not stored in the lock or the hub.

So, my recommendation is to install the Z-Wave Lock PH BETA found in the same channel that is listed in the thread I cited above.

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@sybohy thank for the quick reply and great to hear I can use the system in parallel.

One more thing… I saw the Seam Gateway on your site and it says that it supports Wiegand - does that mean that if I have a dumb (not connected) Wiegand Keypad the gateway will allow me to program access codes on it remotely? As well as read the current codes programmed? You should tell the community about the additional features your company has…

So for anyone else that stumbles on this thread, to confirm: if you still have the universal Rboy device driver, that’s running your locks, trying to manage them with the Seam workaround here is not going to go well?

I’ve been testing and I had a lot of luck with a fresh out of box Integration with Seam and the default device drivers against the Schlage FE599 lock have on a separate test Samsung account, but certainly don’t want to knock off my production hubs/locks, which are located hundreds of miles away and drivers not easily manually removed and re-added.

@clifster correct. Seam won’t touch the codes created by RBoy. However, we’ve seen multiple instances where the codes created by Seam immediately get deleted by RBoy. This leads to an interesting arms race between our servers and RBoy :slight_smile:

We generally advise to turn off RBoy first, then you can start creating codes with Seam.

Anyone managed to get seam working? The authentication just hangs for me after the 2fa code.

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@mbuk we fixed a bug earlier this afternoon. If you email us at, i’ll take a look to see if that’s the bug that impacted your session.

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Session still hanging this morning, but I have emailed you.

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Thought my experience my be helpful to others. I tried to do the ST authorization on Safari several times and it failed each time during the 2FA. I then deleted the Webview once more, tried it on Chrome and it connected the first time. I don’t know if it was just my environment but there maybe a bug with Safari.

Also, I have more than one home on ST and that was not a problem. Although only one device list is created so if you have locks with the same name (ie Front Door) on each home you won’t easily be able to tell them apart. The UI does allow you to rename and add a prefix in the Seam interface once you figure out which lock is which.

Good luck!

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@sybohy thank you for providing these instructions. I have managed to connect. However, we have multiple locations in SmartThings and different team members manage each location. When I paired SmartThings account in Seam dashboard, it listed all devices from multiple locations within one workspace. I can see there is a delete device option. I am thinking to create a separate workspace for each SmartThings location and then just delete the devices which are not relevant from each Seam workspace. However, before I start deleting the devices in Seam workspace, I wanted to double check with you that it won’t suddenly delete the device from SmartThings? Is it safe to delete the device from Seam workspace without impacting the devices that are connected to SmartThings hub?

@sybohy is it possible to connect to the same ST account on multiple Seam workspaces?

Finally got it paired by deleting the webview, adding again and following the steps

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Thanks @sybohy for this service.
Just a query, I have already set 15 lock codes (slot 1 to 15) out of 30, through previous rboy app and these codes are still working after shifting to edge and now connecting to your service.
I don’t see any of those codes in Seam and if I add codes through it, will these overwrite my old codes or added to blank slots (16 to 30 in my case).
Appreciated and regards.

@newgatepartners you can delete devices from a workspace and it should be fine. You can then create a different workspace and relink the account. I also totally hear you on segmenting device/locations based on the team members. Unfortunately the current API dashboard sort of “flattens” these structures into a set of device primitives that software developers can then use.

That said, we have a new dashboard product coming out soon. It has roles and permissions, SSO, lets you organize devices by locations and scope access to team members based on those,…etc.

This tool was originally made (and is currently being used) by very larger operators which have 10K+ devices and ops teams in thousands of members. We saw mid-size folks needing access to something similar, so we’re currently working on removing some of the complexity to make it more approachable to smaller operators. I can ask the team to put you on the beta. Do keep in mind that this is a paid product, but I think it will solve most of your issues.

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What is the cost of this program?

Can I set one code in multiple locks in one go with this?

“What is the cost of this program?”

@GPM, as mentioned in my original message: free; we’re just trying to help out.

Our API is used by large enterprise operators and PMSs like Guesty, Hospitable, Enso, Hostaway…etc. To be frank, our product is not intended for most users in this forum. However, we saw a lot of people struggling with RBoy no longer working and SLGA being inadequate. We figured our API dashboard was better than nothing. So we posted here and extending access to whoever needs it. It’s not super user friendly and my hope is that a couple of software developers here will build a proper app on top of our API.

In the meantime, we’re just trying to help. If some of you are using PMSs, you can help us by contacting those and telling them to integrate Seam into their product :slight_smile:


@joshua.dailey01 yes but you will need to use the API for this. We also have a Zapier integration you might be able to leverage.

You can read about to program a code against multiple locks in our API docs here:


We don’t currently show you codes programmed by other apps against your door locks. However, we’re about to release a new API feature called “unmanaged code” which will show you those codes…except that’s impossible for us to show you the actual code when it comes to SmartThings. We can show you the name of the code (e.g. “Reservation 1234XYZ”) but not the code itself. We may add a text field where you can tell us what that code is and we will try to display it that way. Otherwise this feature works fine for all other supported door lock integrations.

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@Msweetmo yep. Create as many workspaces as you’d like and connect the same account as many times as you’d like. We also have a multi workspace API key feature coming out soon if ever you need to control devices across workspaces (generally, not recommended).