SCL and SDA pins on Arduino Mega blocked by SmartThings Shield are these pins usable

(Jay Basen) #1


I just received my SmartThings Shield that I’m going to use with an
Arduino Mega board. The Shield blocks access to the SCL and SDA pins on
the Mega. Are these pins still usable or are they blocked because they
won’t work with the shield installed? I’d like to use them to
communicate with a LCD display.

Thanks in advance for the help


(Edward Pope) #2

Hello @jbasen, I wiish I could help you. I do not have the shield, but I wanted to direct you to They will be able to assist you with this issue.

(Jay Basen) #3

Thanks Edward. I sent an email to SmartThings support in parallel to posting my message here. I figured I wouldn’t hear back from support until next week and was hoping another person who has been playing with the Arduino interface might know the answer and I’d get a faster answer.

Thanks again.

(Edward Pope) #4

I know that there are many here on the board, who do have the shield. If support doesn’t respond before long, I would post another message here letting us know. I am curious on what the response will be, I know the board was not designed for the Arduino that you are using (obviously) but, if it can be used in the way that you want. Then I might pick up a shield as well, as I have the same board that you do.

(Jay Basen) #5

I will definitely let the community know what I hear from SmartThings Support. Hopefully the “learning cliff” I’m going through can benefit other people :slight_smile:

(Jay Basen) #6

According to support, the SCL and SDA pins are in no way disabled by the SmartThings shield though they are covered by the shield so you have to be careful with your wiring.