Arduino SmartThing Shield Schematic?

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Is there a schematic available for the SmartThings shield?

If not, is there a list of pins that are available for my own use? From the example projects I know that pins 2 and 3 are used for communicating with the shield.

It seems that pins 6 and 7 may also be used?

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Take at look at the detailed readme on my GitHub repo for my ST_Anything project. Should answer lots of questions and give you a jump start on integrating the Arduino/ThingShield with SmartThings.

To answer you question directly though - Pins 0/1 or 2/3 (switch selectable) are used for serial communications (usually 2/3) and pin 6 is reserved.

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Thanks for the reply, but how did you know that pin 6 was reserved?

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Here is a schematic sent to me via support, they sent it a s pdf, but pdf’s are not allowed to be uploaded here
so here are 5 jpegs

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And here’s the specs for the Ember Chip, I think…

The reserved Arduino pin appears to be connected to PB5…

Digital I/O
ADC0 - ADC Input 0
TIM2CLK - Timer 2 external clock input
TIM1MSK - Timer 1 external clock mask input

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Outstanding finds. Thanks for sharing!