Schlage Z-wave Lock Command Works Occasionally

I’m having an issue with my Schlage Camelot lock as well. Hooked it up fine to the ST network, was able to control it by the ST app with no issues. Came home the other day and although it was “in” the app and it showed that the lock was locked manually a few hours ago, pressing the unlock option on the app did nothing. I unlocked it manually with a code, the ST app showed that the device was just unlocked, tried to lock it with the app, nothing.

I followed the steps outlined above, was able to unroll the device from ST, it no longer shows up in my device list. Factory reset the lock, re-programmed the user codes and now I can not get the lock to enroll back onto the ST network.


Sometimes the lock/unlock commands can take a minute or two to actually register with the lock. Did you wait at all or were you looking for quicker action?

When it was first paired, it was near instant. I never noticed a delay at all.
After a while, the lock just stopped responding to commands from the ST app. I waited a while after issuing commands but it never did anything.

Very odd, nothing has changed in your house? You have moved any hard wired or plugged in Z-wave devices?

No Sir. Everything is exactly how it was before. I agree, very odd.

Are they reporting their statuses correctly (ie manual unlock shows unlocked in ST?)

I had an issue about 6 months ago, where the locks reported right but none of them would respond to lock commands. Had to remove the locks and add them back in. I believe it has to do with the secure zwave and something got messed up. You can always try rebooting hub and removing batteries from the lock first to see if it reconnects.

Yes, the lock was reporting the status in the app. Now that I’ve removed said lock from ST, (following the steps outlined above) I can’t get it to re-connect back into the ST hub.

I’ve master reset the lock, rebooted the hub, etc,etc,etc,… Nada.

Dang strange

I am assuming you did a procedure like this (matches closely to the steps above)

I think I had to do a factory reset, if I remember it didn’t work right away and I thought it was hosed. Schlage only does secure connecting and if the lock is paired to hub it won’t allow it to pair to another. If communication was messed up, the exclusion may have not made the lock realize it was removed.

I would reset it again, double check the IDE that there is no Schlage lock still ‘connected’ to smartthings. How far is the hub from it? Locks are hard to move closer, but maybe its causing some issues on reconnecting.

Back to square one. Just now got it back in the ST. But now I’m back to it NOT responding to commands.

(Throws hands up in the air)

Do you have live logging open? Whats your device handler? If you are having issues you should just use the basic supported one.

Sorry, had to run off to work - hence the delay in responding. If “live logging” is something you have to enable and it’s off by default, then I don’t have it on.
As far as the device handler, I’m using whatever it shows up on in the app. I haven’t even attached a smart app to the device because I can’t get it to work. I’m not using some “custom” interface. Just the “generic” lock thing that ST pre-populates when it connects.

Just ruling out a rogue device handler. Live logging is in the IDE:

You can see the command being sent from ST and the response from the lock, and if there are any errors. This will help isolate if it’s ST not sending or the lock not receiving. I would do tests of locking through the App and with the actual door lock to see what the IDE logs show.

How long have you had the lock? If its only a week or two old it may be faulty. Assuming the lock is not faulty I would second guess range/interference problems.

How far is it from the ST hub, and how many walls does it pass through? Is the hub in the open (if not move it in the open and see if that helps)? Is it possible to move the hub closer to the lock with a long ethernet or another network drop?

Good Luck!

Thanks for the info about the logging. Relatively new here and just starting out with the whole ST thing. I love how I have to log in and out in and out on the IDE website a few hundred times to get it to show anything. UGH

I just checked the events and it shows “Device created / Device updated / Unlock command sent to device / Unlock command sent to device”. From oldest to newest. So it definetly “sees” the lock I assume.

Like I said before, the lock worked fine and now it just doesn’t.

In events you should have something like this:

Lock command sent to Front Door (this is ST sending a command Source:Command)
Front Door is Locked (source: Device, with name lock and value locked)

With wireless connections it just sends the command and assumes the lock will respond. There is retry logic built into the protocol, but it doesn’t report if a device does not respond. This is not unique to ST.

How long did the lock work fine? How far is the lock from the hub? If its not a range/interference issue than it may be a faulty antenna in the lock. Schlage has a one year warranty.

There is an update planned for version 2 hubs tomorrow, with improvements to zwave. I would probably hold off any more troubleshooting till Tuesday.

I’m thinking the lock worked fine for about a week or so? Can’t really pin it down to an exaact time frame.
Is the device supposed to have a “Zigbee ID” in the “Device List” - because it doesn’t. The other devices I have using the ZWave have IDs, just noticed this one doesn’t. It just has a “Device Network ID”

I uploaded a screenshot of the event view of the device.

No ids for my zwave locks. Looks like the device is not responding (or the message is not being received)

I’m not thinking it’s a distance from the hub thing because if that was the case, would I even be able to get it on the network to start with? If it was “too far” from the hub I shouldn’t have been able to add it in the first place?

Not necessarily. You did have trouble pairing it and its just a theory. Its worth moving the hub away from walls and other electronics, and if possible closer to the lock. If it still does not work then you eliminated a range issue, which if you contact ST or Schlage I am sure they will want you to try.

Working for a week does make it seem like it was in range, but who knows. Maybe sunspots or being too close to your wireless router is causing more interference than before. Or maybe the batteries are a little weaker so the signal is not quite as strong as it was the first week.

If it is a range issue than purchasing a repeater (like a light switch that supports beaming) can resolve that.

Appreciate all the help and brain storming you’ve been doing. When I first installed the lock, there wasn’t an issue at all with pairing. Everything worked smooth as silk. Just recently this fiasco has been happening. Just wanted to clarify that there was not an issue before. My hub is in the center of my house on the top floor with a direct line of sight to the lock.