Schlage Z wave lock and “Smart Locks” app?

I have a Schlage Z wave deadbolt (two actually). I just saw that ST has its own smart locks app that can set codes. I installed it in the Classic app. It shows my locks, it shows the option to add a code, it lets me enter everything in the form, but the create button stays disabled. Is my lock not actually compatible?

Are you using a custom DTH?

The lock is definitely compatible with ST (and popular)
If you have access to RBoy apps try using this app to manage your lock and users: [RELEASE] Lock User Management - Door lock code manager (create, delete and schedule codes) with automatic lock/unlock, custom user actions and SHM/ADT integration (LUM)

Ideally you should only use the stock ZWave Lock DTH or this custom DTH which is compatible with smart locks.

I figured it out eventually. I was thinking eight digits, but I was only actually entering six. :woman_facepalming:t2:

So my fault, but I kind of wish that field had some visible validation. :joy:

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It’s possible but you need a custom device handler for your lock which reports the configured length and an lock user managment app which utilizes that information to alert you about how many digits you’ve entered for the user.

Hmm, but the SmartThings app knew when I had the right number of digits entered in the field. When I typed 6, the “create” button stayed disabled. When I finally realized I needed to type 8, the “create” button became active. So on some level, ST knows what length the code has to be.

Yes it has limited support for only Schlage locks but doesn’t recognize variable pin lengths or for other lock models as yet.

Ah ha, I do have Schlages, so that explains why it knows in my case.

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