Schlage lock options Control: Why are they different in the two apps?

Hi guys! Just moved from wink to smartthings this weekend. I have a schlage connect lock paired to my hub . Im using the rboy app and device manager. Everything works great for now but im little bit confused. I need to use the classic and the new app to get things working. Into the classic app. I can see all my lock options. Like. Enable/disable keypad. Enable/disable auto lock feature ect ect … i just need to press on it to unable or enable the feature. But into the newer Smartthings app i can’t see those features… why ? It’s getting a little confusing when you need to open the old and the new app to change some settings


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Welcome to the community. The new ST app is still in development and is missing some features that are currently there in the Classic app such as custom controls, video tiles, photo tiles etc. Once ST adds those features to the new app the advanced controls will start showing up. The new app is currently standardized (i.e. the UI is controlled by SmartThings) so it looks the same across all devices (pro’s and con’s as you can see).

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Alright ! Thanks i will wait for ST to update their app. Wish they won’t take 3 yrs to do it :stuck_out_tongue: At least the classic app still works. Ill get used to it .

I am having the same issue. Just moved from Wink to ST. I was able to connect my Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt BE469WK to ST, but don’t have any of the advanced features/settings I used to have in Wink. I am missing these features in both the new ST app and the old Classic ST App. All I am able to do is lock or unlock the deadbolt from either app. I even deleted the lock from ST and re-paired it, same results. What am I doing wrong?

If you are also looking for the ability to set users and codes…

The stock device handler is designed to provide broad compatibility with most locks. You can check out this advanced device handler which opens up additional options for your locks. While the"settings" can be access from the new and the Classic app, some of the advanced UI controls are available in the Classic app until the new app provides the ability to create custom controls later this year (then the buttons will show up there as well).

The guest lock app provides the ability to set and delete codes. If you’re looking for more advanced features another app worth checking out for managing user codes, notifications and actions is:

Thank you. This helps and gives me the user code functionality, part of what I was looking for.

Thanks! I’ll look into it.