Schlage lock not working correctly

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So if I understand it, you moved the lock and hub to the new place without disjoining/reconnecting?

I bet your ZWave routing is absolutely trashed. Have you done any ZWave repairs etc?

That’s correct. But nothing is changed except location. I do have a new router but the lock is present and online in the ST app. New router was added about a month ago. I haven’t messed with codes or lock/unlock function through the app in months.

Doesn’t matter - with Zwave and Zigbee the physical relationship of your devices to each other matters VERY much - they build their own routing topology based on signal strength - etc. changed - old routing may be out of range in the new location.

Imagine if I had a Zwave switch called Kids room and it was the routing parent of your lock in the old house, because the kids bedroom was within 10 feet of the front door, but now the kids room is upstairs and on the back of the house - soooo the lock can’t talk to it because of a range issue… Or worse, you haven’t gotten around to installing the Kids room switch. Schlage locks are already well known to be very range dependent in the best of circumstances.

I wouldn’t expect ANYTHING to work right until the routing issues are resolved.

Ok yeah that makes sense. Most of my stuff isn’t even hooked up yet. How do I rebuild?

The first thing - as quickly as possible. But barring that.

For ZWave Start installing with the powered devices close to the hub and work outward. once you get all your powered devices installed, run zwave repairs repeatedly (no faster than a half hour from the last run until either no errors show (OR the same errors show repeatedly - then you get to fix those.)

For Zigbee - after you get your powered devices reinstalled, take your hub completely off power (including batteries if it’s a v.2) for no less than 20 minutes - it will force a zigbee panic and the devices should start looking for the hub when it comes back online and rebuild the mesh.

How do you run the repair?

You CAN do it from the hub object in your mobile app - but I prefer to run it from the IDE

Look at My Hubs, pick your hub, then scroll down halfway to ‘view utilities’
IN the utilities page Repair ZWave network is near the top. BUT there’s something wron with the log that is supposed to show when you run it there. So back up two levels and just above ‘view utilities’ you’ll see View events… That log you can watch the repair run.

I keep that log open in separate window while I’m doing repairs.

Ran the Z-Wave repair. The lock never showed up in the list of items and I’m still having the same issue.

One repair is not going to do it. This is a long haul abd nowhere near instant process. ZWave repair is like operating a freight train not a sports car.

The process is run, clear any errors and let sit (hours, not minutes) it won’t be anything resembling operational tonight.

This usually means that the hub and lock and having trouble communicating which is caused by packet loss in the mesh. The smart locks app is a very basic app, it send a command to add or delete codes and if there no response from the lock (eg when there is packet loss) then it throws an error. It doesn’t retry or is designated to handle problematic issues. Try adding a buffering repeater between the lock and the hub which helps with mesh packet loss: FAQ: why would I need another beaming repeater if my zwave lock is already close to my hub? - #2 by RBoy

There is also a second issue you may be facing with your Schalge connect (and this issue is specific to Schalge Connect locks due to a firmware defect). Once a code is programmed it won’t reprogram the same code again. So if you have packet loss and the response was lost in the mesh you won’t be able to reprogram it using guest locks.

You can take a look at LUM which is much hardier and handles many of the problems with mesh packet loss, retries and tracking codes including creating advanced users: [RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)


Thanks for the info! I don’t think it’s a communication issue as the lock and hub are in the same room.

I def would like to try the LUM handler. But when I go to instructions it indicates I should clear all codes before installing, which I’m currently unable to do.

Again, does not matter, its the signal path the lock thinks it needs to use… your lock could literally be sitting on top of the hub - but if its not able to see at least one of the devices it currently thinks are its repeater parents its an island - its simply not going to work until you get at least one parent it can talk to and run a repair successfully to reset the lock’s route to the hub… Alternatively delete and rejoin the lock. (which also may not work depending on how much noise is going on in your ZWave network right now…)

What does the ZWave route for the lock say in the IDE? While it wont list the only route the lock used it will give you a hint as to what devices the lock wants to talk to.

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@RBoy I def would like to try the LUM handler. But when I go to instructions it indicates I should clear all codes before installing, which I’m currently unable to do?

A quick point for reference, LUM is a SmartApp. SmartApps are like programs (LUM program users and create actions/notifications). Device handlers are responsible communicating with locks.

For a Schlage connect lock here are the options:

  1. Change the pin code length, this causes all codes to be cleared from the lock. Refer to your lock manual to do this or if you’re using the Enhanced Z-Wave lock device handler, you can do this from the settings page. Don’t forget to reset the code length back to the intended pin code length after changing it otherwise your lock will reject the codes.
  2. If you can’t physically access or your lock or don’t want to use the device handler above, LUM can also clear all your codes for you, refer to the Clear Codes Procedure on the LUM FAQ page (note this is MUCH slower and can take a long time to clear many codes).

@RBoy the install instructions linked originally indicates that all in codes must be removed BEFORE installing LUM?

Yes, ideally (which option 1 I mentioned above), but if you can’t for whatever reason use option 2 above to clear the codes after installing LUM (before programming new users).
Keep in mind however that it’s still recommended to add a buffering device to correct any underlying mesh issues, LUM can compensate for some packet loss but there’s nothing like a good mesh to reduce any headaches like @nathancu mentioned.

TY sir. Appreciate your help.

Gentlemen, I am still not having any luck with my setup after my move. I have tried the repair several times. But it doesn’t appear to do anything. It finishes in less than 10 seconds with no messages between start and finish.

I removed the lock from ST and did a full reset on the device. I was able to add it back in ST but it still continues to show offline.

RBoy, I have not had a chance to test your app. I don’t have the money to sign up currently but am hoping to next Friday.

First, verify that the batteries are fresh and are installed in the battery holder in the correct orientation. … Remove battery connector. Press and hold the Schlage button on the keypad. While holding the Schlage button, reattach the battery connector.