Schlage keypad lock with lever (FE599) doesn't send lock status to ST when auto-locking


I’ve been experiencing some issues with my Schlage keypad lock with lever (FE599) and SmartThings and was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same.

When I unlock the lock by entering my user code, the lock is designed to stay unlocked for a few seconds before locking itself again. From the ST event log, I can see that it registers the unlock event correctly, but does not register the lock event when it auto-locks after a few seconds. I have to manually push the lock button for it to register. As such, most of the time ST shows my lock as unlocked even though it is in fact locked.

Has anyone else experienced this?


Yes that’s an issue with the lock firmware. If you have access to RBoyApps you can use this Enhanced Z-Wave Device Handler that fixes this and many other firmware issues: