Schlage FE599 not updating properly

I just replaced a Schlage FE599 with the same model of lock, and the new one has an issue. With this lock, when a user code is used on the keypad it unlocks, then locks again in 5 seconds. When used this way, the SmartThings app show the unlock but not the re-lock; it just keeps showing unlocked.
The old lock had showed both steps correctly, so as a test I re-joined it to my z-wave network… not it doesn’t show the locking either. Any ideas why this is happening? Thanks.

The default devicetype doesn’t update after it gets the code so the 5 second delayed lock doesn’t register.

Not sure why my previous lock was updating. I’m trying to wrap my head around how to accomplish this… live logging shows the lock opening with the code, so should I be looking in the direction of using [event, response(cmds)] in the device handler to initiate a refresh x number of seconds after an unlock via code? Any guidance here will be greatly appreciated.

edit- I ended up creating a Core piston to refresh on user code unlock. Not as elegant as a properly written device handler but that route was over my head.

I believe there is a custom fe599 dth floating around the community somewhere.

Yes that’s an issue with some Schlage locks (depending upon the firmware)

You can use this Enhanced device handler which patches that issue and extract more features for your Schlage lock:

If you like it check our website ( on how to get access to all the SmartApps and devices.