Schlage connect on sale at home depot

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I’ve been waiting for another deal like this when I missed the last one.

Can anyone comment on this one specifically?

I thought I remembered someone saying this is one of the most secure models. It almost exactly matches my current front door handle setup, so if it’s secure and a good price, I’d love to snatch it up.

Yes, I’ve had 469s for years and they are rated as one of the most secure residential locks on the market… As far as a good deal, I got just the locks on sale for about this price when I got mine. So not only is it a good price for arguably the best lock, you get the handle for " free" .

The only real consistent complaint is the secure inclusion with hub which requires the hub ( any hub not just ST ) to be within 3 feet of the lock. I’ve been using @ethayer lock app and never had a problem .

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I have this lock and love it.

I also have it and am very pleased with it.

Just snatched this up. Looks like a great deal as the handle is included.

Handle alone, no lock " is on sale" at Menards’ this week for $120

Great lock, great price…but I already have one, dammit! :slight_smile:

And here I thought I was so clever buying the lock and handle separately on ebay for a total under $220. I just finished installing the lock and am expecting the handle this Monday. Bad timing. :slight_smile:

Wow, I’m really glad I’m getting it for such a great price then! :slight_smile: Sounds like a great unit.

Does this one allow you to set 1 time use codes or temporary codes? Or make codes only work during certain hours of day? I hope so, because I just sold my wife on it based on those features :blush:

I got that exact model from Home Depot a couple of months ago for about the same price as this current deal. So far, so good. It was a breeze to install and it’s still reporting a battery level of about 98% (though we rarely use the motor to lock/unlock, and I don’t know yet how meaningful that charge indication is.)

This is a great deal. Only 20-30 bucks more than I paid for my AWD connects + passage knobs (and I got the cheaper looking passage knobs).

I haven’t used this yet but will probably get the lifetime when I have some free time to set it up. Should be able to do some of what you want


I have two of those and really like them. They look nice, keypad works great, no problems with smartthings. Battery life is really good.

It comes with a reinforcement plate that goes under the deadbolt strikeplate so make sure to install that to make it more secure. You’ll probably need to use a chisel to remove some of the wood to make room for this.
Step 7 here:

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Yes , if you use Erik’s lock manager app & device type you can have codes expire after x number of uses, only work during certain hours etc etc. Don’t let the " Beta" scare you, I’ve been using his previous lock manager with no issues since 2015. He actually asked why I hadn’t updated the app and I simply replied the original has always worked and saw no reason to change anything. Big difference with the new one is you can add multiple locks to a single app instead of having a separate manager for each lock.


I have 4 installed. Installation is pretty much the same as any other standard deadbolt. I did have to enlarge the hole for the deadbolt. If you need to do this I do recommend using a lock jig. You can pick one up at Lowes by irwin for about $25, It will also include a jig for the strike plate.

I’ve find the locks to be a bit loud on my insulated steel doors. Hearing them lock is not a bad thing. On my solid wood doors (50 yr old) they resonate and are very loud. Still OK we me.

Battery life has been outstanding with the included Duracell batteries Over a year and around 66% on the busiest doors.

Finish has held up well as expected. The touch bad shows no wear over a year later but the don’t get used a lot. (presence sensors and scheduled routines take care on most of the locking/unlocking. The lock on one of the doors get full sun all day and it looks fine.
I mounted a satin nickle Schlage keypad (non zwave) on our house in Florida and the finish failed in a couple years. Turned brown/yellow and peeled.

As others have stated ST integration is easy. I had to bring one closer to the hub to pair it.
All have been rock solid since installation with zero issues.

Now that I think of it, these locks have been they most reliable and worry free devices on my system.


Yes, as@RLDreams notes, this is a great way to go with this lock:

A Dremel to make fine adjustments to striker hole is also a good investment. If the Lock does not throw completely freely it will kill the battery life. There are 2 power levels and if it can’t move on lower setting it automatically switches to high power which draws a lot more power .

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If you’re looking at that lock and decide to get access to the RBoy Apps also check out this DH for the lock, it’s opens a lot of hidden options for use with the User Management apps. You can check the thread for details on the additional features.

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