Schlage Camelot Satin Nickel Touchscreen Deadbolt with Alarm set up code


I have a Schlage Camelot Satin Nickel Touchscreen Deadbolt with Alarm door lock. I was able to sync the lock with the smartthings hub and control lock and unlock. However, I can’t set up or remove entry code on the lock through the smart hub. Anyone knows which hub has that feature or will smarthings will come out with that feature soon.


I don’t think it can change codes through the hub natively.

You’ll need some code developed by the smart people in this forum. There are probably several to choose from. I have the same lick just not nickle. I use @RBoy code. You’ll have to pay a little for it but worth every penny in my book.

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Check out this app… (there is also a link to an enhanced device type).

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I tried the steps and it doesn’t work. Was able to see the smart app on the phone. The step where it says look for ‘Type’ drop-down scroll to the bottom and select ‘Z-Wave Lock Reporting’ or ‘Z-Wave Schlage Touchscreen Lock’. I only see Z-Wave Lock with Code. Anyway, I tried the process twice, but unable to add any code to the lock. :frowning:

I’m working today, so will be hard for me to help you from my phone. Are you using @RBoy software?

I use the software from here:

I use the 4th DTH, universal z wave lock
And the 1st smart app, lock multi user management.

You’ll have to pay for access and use of his software, also you’ll have to clear the lock codes in the lock to allow the software to set new ones.

He has guides for installation and setup and is very helpful if you get stuck.

I think the step you describe is telling you to select the custom DTH from the device setup. It will default to a stock handler but you’ll have to log into your IDE edit the device and where it says what handler it’s using, select that list. Then scroll to the bottom of the list. If you got your custom Device handler installed correctly it will be listed on the bottom after all the stock handlers. Select it to be able to use the options it provides.

There’s is better instructions on the forum, and or WIKI. If @RBoy doesn’t jump in with better directions or links to them. I’ll try to do it late tonight after work.

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Which device type handler , app are you using ? Hard to help diagnose if we don’t know what you are using.

For some reason the github link code looks diffrent than what I am using for lock Manger. I have 2 Schlag Camlot Locks working well with Lock Manger.

use this link to github for the device Handler.

I have a type of “Z-Wave Schlage Touchscreen Lock” set in devices.

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I want to attempt the Lock Code Manager version first before using @RBoy code.

I copied the code from this link and got an error saying “No signature of method” when I saved.

Can you copy the code you have in My SmartApps for the Lock Manager and paste it here?

So there’s max Character and this code exceeds it. I reviewed the link and my code and it looks like its been heavily altered anyway. I did want to point out something. When choosing your device type, “Z-Wave Schlage Touchscreen Lock” is at the very bottom of the list. It is not in alphabetical order like the others. So check that. If you still need the code after that, shoot me an email and ill post it in email.

I repeated the step and went all the way to the bottom of the list in Type. I still don’t see “Z-Wave Schlage Touchscreen Lock” in the list. How do I send you an email to get the code?

I sent you a PM with my Email. Ill send it again.

Are you sure you published the code after saving it? It won’t show up until you publish it.

It is published and I got the confirmation. :frowning:

Did you follow this?

“if you have a schlage lock, use @garyd9’s handler: here1.3k”

The first link is the DTH you should be using.