Schlage BE469 Z wave connect solution

Super frustrated with Samsung Lowe’s Iris ADT etc having to change and reset all devices etc blah blah blah for the nth time. Refunds are great but just stick with the plan man. Techies are uber frustrating…as soon as we get used to something they change it. I’m in medicine and as soon as I get used to an EMR…there’s an upgrade which means the functionality doesn’t change but only the button locations and colors…ugh :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Rant over for now.

Trying to reconnect my Schlage lock to new Aeotec hub. Wasn’t working even with factory reset of the hub. Decommissioned my adt hub before excluding my devices. What worked was excluding the device using the new Aeotec hub’s Z wave utilities. Then it connected straight away.

Stick to the plan man!!!

Yes, all Z-Wave device need to be excluded first. You can see some troubleshooting steps here: