Scheduler Wanted (Dead or Alive) - Failure - Smart Lighting, Routines, Missed Schedule, etc

(John) #1

If something that is supposed to happen at a specific time doesn’t, then please post here.

All of these failures are related. The scheduler has failed.

No, it’s not you. No, you can’t do anything about it. You can restart - it may work the next time, but likely not any time after that (perpetual failure).

Smart Lighting automation with timers not triggering reliably
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(The fish is still dead.) #2

Do we really need another thread on this?

(John) #3

We need one thread.

And a class on how to search.

(Steven) #4

For the last week, my family, with three hubs, three accounts, scattered all over Texas have been seeing scheduled events failing. Routines to change modes, Smart Lighting, and Rule Machine.

For a few weeks it seemed fixed, but now it’s busted again. Yay.

(Geko) #5

Well, after a fairly long time of reliable operation one of my Smart Lighting schedules missed again. A switch was supposed to turn on at 5 PM and it didn’t. :disappointed:

Job History Handler Scheduled Time Actual Time Delay (msec) Execution (msec) stopHandler 2016-09-12 8:01:59 PM PDT 2016-09-12 8:01:59.024 PM PDT 24 90 !!! Missing triggerHandler !!! stopHandler 2016-09-11 8:01:59 PM PDT 2016-09-11 8:01:59.088 PM PDT 88 725 triggerHandler 2016-09-11 5:00:59 PM PDT 2016-09-11 5:01:06.260 PM PDT 7260 1029 stopHandler 2016-09-10 8:01:59 PM PDT 2016-09-10 8:01:59.020 PM PDT 20 119 triggerHandler 2016-09-10 5:00:59 PM PDT 2016-09-10 5:01:05.075 PM PDT 6075 105

P.S. It’s worrisome that execution delays around 5 PM are huge – 6-7 seconds. Looks like the platform is choking again.