Scheduled jobs failing (again) (again 😥) (Ongoing Known Issue)

This has been a problem forever. This error arbitrarily hits and causes apps to fail because they take too long to execute (sometimes they timeout before they even execute any real code). During busy times, this is more often to hit than the slow times. There is no way to get around it (other than trying a different time). Keep in mind, the failure is random. FYI, this also plagued the ecobee’s - hitting the ecobee website would sometimes trip the time limit because of the cloud to cloud dependencies (it’s much better now, but I suspect they lengthened the time for that specific use case).

For example, this weekend I saw this error for some of my zigbee bulb’s (stock DTH, but even they were failing because of this error).

I wish there was a way to distinguish between apps that are consuming too many resources and running wild versus the ones that exceed the time limit because of platform utilization or cloud dependencies.