Scheduled Jobs Failing AGAIN

Well it’s been a week since the last ST Dark Ages ended and it appears that the ST Dark Ages are coming back. I noticed that starting around 4 PM CST today scheduled jobs started failing again. No idea why, but here we go again. It’s been pretty solid since the last time ST puked. My new favorite phrase, “since the last time”, which sadly needs to be longer than a week. Just saying…

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My schedules have intermittently not been working for about a month now.

I’m still seeing this bug (java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException) when scheduling/unscheduling:

My Goodbye routine hasn’t fired automatically in a long time as well.

Mine started working again last week. Not one error. Oh well.

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Thanks for referencing the Wiki…

To be clear, that particular bug is extremely specific, though it originally seemed to be extremely common. My guess is that it only occurs when the data for a schedule is perhaps partially corrupted or something like that.

As far as I know, it has not been fixed. I don’t have a Support Ticket open, but Tyler acknowledged this particular bug and said it was pretty complex but critical.

Consensus out here seems to be that there is some overall improvement in schedule reliability, but that may be a side effect of the database tuning, and not specific improvements to the scheduling sub-system.