Schedule with multiple on and off times?

I have a fountain outside that I would like to come on and off during the day. How to I do this without having to create 12 routines. Thx

Without some added automation chops, you would have to set up 12 routines. However, you could do all of that with one webCoRE piston if you don’t mind doing a bit of setup and coding work.

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You can also use the official features to create a daisy chain.

One) have the fountain come on and run for a specific period of time.

two) have the fountain turning off trigger a virtual switch to come on, thus acting as a timer
Then in the same rule, have the virtual switch run for a specific period of time and turn itself off

Three) have the virtual switch turning off trigger the fountain to start running again ( you might even be able to combine this automation with the first one, depending on exactly what you need)

So that’s either two or three rules, depending on exactly what you need. The problem is these can be confusing to keep track of, and also if you only use two rules it’s an infinite loop with no way to stop it except disabling one of the rules.

So you can do it with the official features without having to learn and install webcore. But in the long run, most people are happier with webcore because it’s a lot easier to maintain when you have all the factors in one automation. So it’s your choice.

See the following FAQ for more information about Webcore: ( The topic title is a clickable link)

I am down with doing some coding. Where can I find WebCoRE and how to use it? Thx

you follow the FAQ link I just gave you in the post just above yours. :sunglasses:

Thank you JDRoberts

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Be sure to join the WebCoRE community too. It’s a great help, especially when you’re getting started.
Hint, be sure to look at the Preset values. They have one for Sunset and Sunrise that allows you to turn things on and off based on local sunlight.

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I joined and downloaded webcore. I am pumped now to make some pistons. My first project is to make a multi schedule for an out door fountain. Thanks for the help.

Thank you, Don

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