Run multiple routines in sequence?

Is it possible to string a bunch of routines together in a macro or trigger? What about also adding wait delays or pauses in between routines.

webCoRE has everything you need.

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As @rontalley mentioned, The most elegant way to do it with the most options would be to use web core.

Alternatively, you can daisychain routines for using virtual switches.

Routine A starts and turns on virtual switch one.

When virtual switch one comes on, routine B starts because it has an “automatically perform” setting that subscribes to that switch. It can also turn virtual switch one off again so it will be ready for the next time.

You can even get delays by making virtual switch one act as a timer. In that case, instead of having routine B start when virtual switch one comes on, have routine B start when virtual switch one goes off and have the timer turn it off.

There are lots of variations on these, all based on the same idea: virtual switches turning on and off and other smartapps and routines reacting to the switch events.

Here’s a how to article in the community – created wiki on creating a virtual timer which has more details:

But while you can do it that way, and it will probably be a little easier to set up, in the long run using webcore will give you a lot more options. And there are many community members who will be glad to assist you get with Webcore if you need help. :sunglasses:

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Great - I’ve now installed webcore. Is there a way to get the source code behind the smartThings rules created in the GUI? Or must I create everything from scratch in webCoRE? Maybe templates I can use? Thanks

You can import others piston right into webCore and there is a wonderful dedicated forum just for webCoRE. However, I would encourage you to head over to the wiki just to read up on some of the terminolgy so you can create your own Pistons (Rule thingy that makes stuff happen).

It’s really as simple as giving access to your devices via the webCoRE App. Then going to the webCoRE dashboard and using the:

If This Then That format.

Even if you found a similar Piston to import, you will still need to know how to tweak it.