Schedule not working

Same here, seeing delays since the last night again. The party didn’t last very long it seems :frowning:

Better late than never; didn’t get 3 notifications regarding garage door state between 5 and 6pm yesterday.


Edit: Happened again last night (11/7) about the same time. Over a 10 minute delay from a schedule set from GD sensor movment had it telling me I left the door open when I hadn’t.

FYI, my scheduling problem has gotten worse in the past three days. I have programmed a switch to turn off at 8 PM and turn on at 10 PM every night. For the past three nights the ‘Off’ event triggered with delay varying from 2 to 6 minutes, while the ‘On’ event have not triggered at all.

Nov 6. OFF: 8:07 PM, ON: 10:00 PM
Nov 7. OFF: 8:06 PM, ON - didn’t fire
Nov 8. OFF: 8:00 PM, ON - didn’t fire
Nov 9. OFF: 8:02 PM, ON - didn’t fire

Sent request to support again.

I had to LOL last night. I left in the afternoon and my runOnce scheduled for now+20 seconds never fired (seems it wasn’t ever scheduled).

But when I got back in the evening, I got the notification as soon as I opened the door. Now the door takes 16 seconds to open, but got the notification on my phone before it was even halfway open. Guessing runOnce was scheduled, but it did not wait for 20 seconds. Tried this several times afterwards and saw the same behavior.

@scottinpollock @geko

I am sure ST hates you! Just kidding! :slight_smile: Don’t slaughter me if I say that my scheduled events trigerred on the dot! Guess you guys are too smart for the ST.

It’s a different issue that my Sonos started playing music instead of front door is opened when I came home this evening. :wink:

I am sure they hate me too (along with a number of cheerleaders here), but you may run into this soon as well. There are a number of methods for scheduling events. The one I am having the most frustration with is ‘runOnce()’; the method I use in Refresh MyQ to refresh the MyQ device ‘X’ number of seconds after the door starts moving. I am using runOnce due to another problem with ‘runIn’ setting schedules for a duration shorter than about a minute; they don’t schedule.

The last correspondence I have had from support (yesterday) stated that their system can’t keep up with the current load, and that some form of fix is expected within the next week or so.

So if you don’t want MyQ telling you ya left the GD open when in fact you didn’t (or vice versa), pray for the fix.

@scottinpollock As long as the garage door does not fall on my head or my car! The chamberlain app does notify me though if the door is open or closed or remained open for certain period of time. If I am missing something God help me! :slight_smile:

I have a nasty habit of forgetting whether I closed the GD as I am cruising up the hill towards town. It used to cause me to circle back to double check on it way too often.

So, in the app I have have that shuts everything off when I leave (presence sensor), I have added a handler that checks if the door is open, and if so, notifies me, closes it, and tells me it successfully closed; otherwise it just tells me everything is secure.

With the schedule not running/running late, the notifications are completely screwed up, and I end up pulling over and checking the door via the MyQ app or an IP cam in the garage. Not exactly “smart”.

No clue why your notifications are so slow. For me If there is no outage or if I didn’t screw up something, it simply works.

Like I said, I believe it’s a problem with runOnce, or an issue with schedules set for under a minute.

Are you doing any of that?

Mine are 10 minutes before and 1 minute after. If you can put your situation in simplest of terms like holiday lights on, all lights on, holiday lights off based on something, I can set those for myself for tomorrow and see what happens. Also bear in mind most of my stuff is pretty basic like hues and its family, motion sensors, Sonos, Harmony ultimate homes, multis, outdoor modules, smart energy switches and outlets etc. mostly all Smartthings and Aeon devices. Nothing fancy and complicated like you guys.

And if you can give me an example of run once.

Cool. I am ordering a multi right now for tmrw as I needed one anyways for the garage. Amazon prime will deliver for a little extra charge. And see what happens. If I am not wrong looking at your code, it does require at least the non magnetic part of multi.

It does.

It’s working fine now as I just opened the GD to get my mail, and closed it. But it has been intermittent at best over the last few weeks.

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The scheduling problem is not with my homebrew apps. I’m talking about stock “Lights & Switches” action available from the Dashboard. This is basic stuff that should work like clockwork. That’s what disturbing. Support was quick to respond and they’re looking into this. I’ll update as soon as I have more info.

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Hey @scottinpollock! You may be right on the runIn thing and less than the 60 seconds. Just wrote some code to check the presence in the house and take delayed action of sending text and push notifications. 59 seconds didn’t work for me but 61 does. But it may be the simulator playing tricks but I did check the live logs too…

I"m facing a wierd issue. I’ve written a simple thermostat app that schedules the next thermostat change.

Here’s the function that schedules - initialize() for anyone interested. The bug? I’m seeing is that in the scheduling function initialize() if I don’t call unschedule() the scheduler stops working (events not fired) after about 2-3 schedules.

The function only schedules the next timer, so at any point there is only one active schedule. E.g. it schedules for 11am , when the event is fired at 11am it then schedules the next change say 11:05am, when the event is fired at 11:05am it schedules for 11:10am etc.

In this initialize() function if remove the unschedule() function it stops working after 2-3 schedules even though there is only one scheduled event. Don’t scheduled events expire after they are fired?

I don’t understand why should I have to call unschedule after each schedule. Is this a bug or a feature?

@bflorian FYI please, can you comments from a platform perspective?

Is there anyway to have something scheduled to execute for a certain time and not run when for example I am not at home. I know I can have it not run when in certain modes but when I have someone house sitting our home to take care of our dog, they will be using the system and modes will change. Would it be possible to also add the schedule to also verify a presence sensor(s) are home in order to work?

Yes, but you would have to write a SmartApp, and this is a pretty simple one. You could use an On/Off Button Tile (virtual switch) — on for you being around, off otherwise (which the SmartApp looks at), and adding the presence sensor test is easy. You might even be able to do it with just the presence sensor (i.e., Run only if this presence is here…). Send me a PM if you want any help.

i have an smart socket i scheduled time but not working thats just working manual
please help me.internet is ok .wifi is ok.thats worked well for 5 months but for now i dont know what happened ,please help me