Sannce 4ch poe cameras

I’m trying to get these cameras to show up in actiontiles, I believe I’m using the right url but have no video.

Has anyone had any success with these cameras?

Only mjpeg streams will show up in actiontiles.

Can I change the url?

Does your camera setup support mjpeg streaming?

I don’t know, that’s why I was asking if anyone had got them working

Check the manual for your camera or the support website to see if it can be configured to stream mjpeg.

This is a relevant article from the actiontiles knowledgebase.

RTSP will not stream natively in a browser.

We know that various customers have had success using a transcoding server on their LAN; such servers might include Blue Iris, VLC,, or TinyCam Pro.

Video is not the primary focus (ha, ha) of ActionTiles, which is why we hesitate to make the system more complex by recommending specific transcoding options, but as customer experiences come in, they are shared on our Forum, and we’re keeping an eye on which are most successful.

For example, here’s a Topic discussing VLC configuration:


I can’t guarantee this will work, but try one if these… You’ll need to change the admin password in the link to reflect your admin PW




The “user:password@address” format is blocked in embedded objects (e.g., Media Tiles) by Chrome and Android Webview (e.g., Fully) browsers. There is no override option. Super annoying.

But I think Firefox and perhaps some others may still permit it.

Ahhh, did not know that. Thanks