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Samsung Washer/Dryer & Alexa Query

I was able to use Echo Speaks and webcore to have Alexa Alexa announce when the wash/dry cycle on my ST connected Samsung washer and dryer ends. It was pretty straightforward.

Now what I can’t even begin to figure out is how to use Ask Alexa (or another smartapp if it’s exists.) to query the washer and dryer so I can proactively ask how much time remains. There is a variable named “Dryer (or washer) time string” that reports time in an “HH:MM:SS Remaining” string that updates every minute.

My question is there a simple way to query that variable even if I get a simple direct text response (eg fourteen minutes as ZERO : FOURTEEN : ZERO or even FOURTEEN HUNDRED) or in a perfect world is there a way to translate the time string variable into an hour minute format that then gets announced?

Thanks in advance.