Samsung Washer/Dryer & Alexa Query

I was able to use Echo Speaks and webcore to have Alexa Alexa announce when the wash/dry cycle on my ST connected Samsung washer and dryer ends. It was pretty straightforward.

Now what I can’t even begin to figure out is how to use Ask Alexa (or another smartapp if it’s exists.) to query the washer and dryer so I can proactively ask how much time remains. There is a variable named “Dryer (or washer) time string” that reports time in an “HH:MM:SS Remaining” string that updates every minute.

My question is there a simple way to query that variable even if I get a simple direct text response (eg fourteen minutes as ZERO : FOURTEEN : ZERO or even FOURTEEN HUNDRED) or in a perfect world is there a way to translate the time string variable into an hour minute format that then gets announced?

Thanks in advance.

Did you work this out? Trying to do the same thing myself!